Browsers are a fundamental part of our activities on PC. Many users face problems when it comes to efficient management and organization of tabs in a browser. A dozen tabs opened in one browser create a mess on the window that makes it difficult for the user to find the tab immediately. During this, sometimes an accidental click on “X” closes all the tabs. For this users commonly search, “how to restore closed tabs” for tab tricks.

Similarly, there are many other problems that users face with respect to the management of tabs, google accounts, bookmarks, URLs, restoration of closed tabs, and efficient organization of work and entertainment-related data on one browser.

Especially, if there is more than one PC user at home, it becomes very hard to manage one browser as each user has different browser history and data saved on it.

Below are ten tab tricks to get you started in 2021. In this, there are mentioned some tab tricks tools and software that can make your life easier with tabs and browsers.

Vertical Tabs

When you have hundreds of tabs opened on one browser, you are unable to even see the titles on each tab. It, therefore, gets hard to navigate to the one you are looking for immediately.

For this, just go to the settings, then tab, and then set the tab bar position. Enable them vertically which will help you read the titles when so many tabs are opened at once.



An accidental click can close all your browsers and important tabs. For this, instead of following the same number of steps to restore the closed tabs, you can auto-restore the tabs on multiple browsers with just one click using SmartWindows. This saves your time and effort.


When you are working on multiple browsers, it gets very tedious to switch between one another, and to eliminate this overhead, you prefer to open multiple browser windows. For this, you set each window with the desired size and display position on the screen. This configuration increases productivity at work and reduces the number of excessive switches for the user.

But, the user is supposed to arrange the screen every time before starting work. SmartWindows eliminates this headache with its auto-arrangement features and allows you to auto-arrange the screen with the same browser window size and position on the screen.

Stack the Tabs

Smart work is important if you have different tasks at once. If you are working on multiple projects, the best way to save your respective URLs of each project is that you stack those tabs and make a group. Give a name to that group and keep yourself always organized while working on a particular project.

Multi-Browser and Multi-Tab Support

Use productivity software such as SmartWindows that gives you a multi-browser and multi-tab support for your browsers. It supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, and allows you to auto-restore each tab on one or many screens. With a single click, you are ready to work.

Separate Accounts and Bookmarks

Use separate browsers for different tasks. With this, you can maintain your google account, bookmarks, and tab groups separately. You can easily manage the work on each browser that does not coincide with any other task.

For example, dedicate Google Chrome for your office work, Microsoft Edge for entertainment purposes, and Firefox for research stuff. It would be easy for you to open the bookmarks and data directly.



So many tabs on one browser can slow down the performance of your PC. one best idea is to distribute the load and open the browser in separate profiles if you have multiple projects. This will optimize the performance.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Try using keyboard shortcuts to manage tabs easily. For example, if you accidentally closed one tab, you can restore it by using CTRL+Shift+T.

Drag tabs

Open tabs in the window panel to easily drag one tab to the other if you feel the second window is more relevant for that particular tab.

Get Windows 11 Features in Windows 10

If you are thinking about switching to Windows 11, try using SmartWindows to give your Windows 10 the same and much more capabilities. Use auto-restoration and snap control features in Windows 10 and also auto-arrange your screen with the same number of windows, window size, and position on the screen, all with just one click. Get all Windows 11 features in Windows 10 to increase your productivity at work.