Android applications are famed for their functionality, ease of use, and versatility. Notwithstanding the fact that Apple still retains the leading position in the world of technology, its Android rival doesn’t seem to be eager to fall behind. It has already amassed a considerable fandom and commanding percentage of market share worldwide. No wonder, many businesses and solopreneurs launch their apps exactly for the Android mobile platform. We suggest that you also check out some of the latest Android apps that have recently hit Google Play. It will help you evaluate the potential of this thriving platform and understand whether it’s worth it to invest in developing Android apps. You can visit apksalad to get hold of free android apps. For more detailed importation about Android app development services, please visit

Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Now users can take advantage of the Remote Fingerprint Unlock app to remotely unlock their personal computers and other devices. The app in question can be synced across multiple devices and use your smartphone’s fingerprint sensor to unlock the device you’re intending to use. You can also use the face unlock feature for the same purpose. The best part is that you don’t even need root or ADB to get it up and running. All you need to do is install the Windows module and follow the instructions. Other features like wake-on-LAN will help you wake you Internet-connected PC from hibernation and unlock it automatically from your mobile device whenever necessary. You can also use widgets and launcher shortcuts to unlock a specific device. There are plenty of other handy features you’ll be able to test once you install Remote Fingerprint Unlock on your Android device.

Hex Installer

If you own any Samsung device running 1 UI, you may find the Hex Installer app particularly helpful. This app allows you to quickly customize any element within the UI system individually. You can change the color of any object, theme various third-party apps, change the system font, and customize other random aspects of the interface such as routing the Samsung keyboard or changing the transparency of the quick setting panel. You can also download and import various Hex themes or plug-in created by other users.

Firefox Send


Isn’t sharing multiple large files through Android annoying? We’ve all been there. But now with Firefox Send you can quickly share cumbersome files by uploading them to this app, which will provide you with a temporary share link. By following this link you addressee can access the shared file and download it in the blink of an eye. Don’t worry, files are uploaded with end-to-end encryption, so only your and the receiver will know what you’re sharing. You can send files that do not exceed 1 gigabyte. But if you sign up for your Firefox account, you’ll be able to share bigger files (up to 2.5 gigabytes).


If you’re constantly getting interrupted by unimportant notifications yet you still want to keep them around just in case the app gives you an important one in the future, you can use the Daywise app to solve this issue. This handy app allows you to see only important notifications instantly, and you can view the rest at your convenience. Instant notifications can include messages, calendar events, Uber ride alerts, phone calls, emails, or anything else you would deem to be important. All the other notifications will notify you four times a day in batches. That way, you can avoid checking your phone every time a new notification arrives.

SplitCloud Double Music


SplitCloud Double Music enables you to listen to two different songs at the same time so you can share your earbuds with your friend. For example when your friends want to listen to Rihanna and you want to listen to a different artist like Lady Gaga, you can put the Rihanna song on the bottom music player so that it can play in the right earbud, and then put the Lady Gaga song on the top music player to have it play off the left earbud. Thus, each person can split the headphones to enjoy two different compositions. Plus, the app allows you to select songs from SoundCloud so you will likely find any song you’re looking for within this app.

They are only some of the recently launched Android apps that aim to make the lives of millions of users more comfortable and enjoyable. You can also create your business app or invest in Android app development and thus present users with more valuable products that will become an important part of their digital life.