Kids of today’s generation face online harassment, bullying, sexual assault, and kidnapping. The crime rate has increased because children are more accessible to strangers than we ever were in our time. On the other hand, technology has connected people and brought solutions to thousands of problems.

But at the same time, it causes life-threatening situations for people. Kids are innocent, so they are more approachable to such dangers. If you have a busy life where you raise your kids and busy with work as well, it must be hard for you to manage a secure space for children.

But as a parent of a modern child, you can’t deny the safety issues they face every day in school or online. It’s impossible to stay by their side 24/7 because children need privacy, and you don’t have the time. You need technical help to monitor your kids and ensure their safety. TheWispy can help you in this case with its extraordinary functionality because it was designed as a parental control in the first place.

What is TheWispy?

TheWispy is a kid monitoring app that is popular across the globe because of its rich features. It has a mobile and web interface for user convenience. You can adapt to use advanced featuresusing this user-friendly app. First, make sure to have an android device, a working internet connection, and TheWispy subscription. Then, install the app on the target phone and start tracking your child’s life on the smart devices.

How TheWispy can ensure child’s safety

TheWispy is a great app that can help you protect your child in many circumstances. Here are some high risks that are causing stress for folks. And look how TheWispy parental control app can help you reduce these problems and ensure children’s safety.

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1. Cyberbullying

Recent studies on teens across America have proven that 50-60% of young children face cyberbullying in real life or through the internet. Mostly it’s the reason that leads them into mental health issues. Teens are restricted in their lives, and they don’t like to share problems they’re having and end up in crisis. So if you want your kid to have a healthy lifestyle and progressive future, you must provide them a secure internet space.

TheWispy solution:

TheWispy can help you prevent any bullying or stop it with the help of its unique features.

• Message spy:

TWS is an app to monitor kids that provides you access to all the message chats on teen’s cell phones. You can read the texts and find out about the harassment. You can block contacts that you feel are unsafe for them and try to keep a clean environment.

• App monitoring:

Kids have a high risk of harassment on social media and gaming apps. Because strangers can access them conveniently, they send inappropriate texts and blackmail them with private information. You can get complete control of kid’s app activity with the help of TheWispy. It allows you to view what they are posting or texting on different accounts. Limit the use of certain unhealthy apps and block harassers.

• Call log spy:

If your kid behaves abnormally whenever they get a phone call, then it’s a queue to check theircall logs. Because it could be a harasser calling them and using their innocence, you can control that from happening by simply blocking suspicious people.

• Call recording:

It’s okay if you want to go into details of incoming calls to be sure before taking legal actions. TheWispy offers a remote command to record calls of the target phone. The recorded audio is sent to the parent using advanced technology so they can listen.

2. Kidnaping:

It’s a constant fear for a parent to lose their child when they leave home alone. The outer world is terrible; kidnapers are roaming freely around public places with bad intentions. To protect your kid from such dangerous situations, you must always keep an eye on them.

TheWispy solution:

TheWispy has made it possible, and you can know where your child is so you can send help in bad situations.

• GPS locator:

Android monitoring app provides an advanced feature GPS locator; with the help of this feature, you can track down your teen’s location in seconds. In addition, the app will generate the latest updates when they move around the city, so you know where they are 24/7.

• Surround recording:

It’s the most compelling feature in TheWispy parental controls, and the app commands the microphone to record live conversations around your child’s phone. So hypothetically, when your kid is missing, you can record the surroundings and figure out how dangerous the situation is.

• Spy camera:

You can see the live scene where your child is currently through the camera of their phones. TheWispy android monitoring app accesses the phone’s camera, clicks pictures through remote command, and sends it to the parents. So you can figure out the place your child is so you can rescue them without wasting time.

3. Sexual harassment:

Sexual harassment is the real threat for folks these days; there are predators outside waiting to target young kids. Sometimes they use children’s private information through hacking or spying and blackmail them into taking physical advantage. It’s your responsibility to keep such monsters away from kids.

TheWispy solution:

TheWispy is the best solution in this case; you can monitor your child’s communication on the smartphone and get rid of bullies.

• Multimedia spy:

You can view multimedia files stored on your kid’s phone. Teens store nudes and inappropriate pictures or videos in their galleries and share them with friends. It is highly insecure because you never know the other person’s intention. With the help of TheWispy kids monitoring app, you can delete such files from the mobile remotely.

4. Suicidal thoughts:

The stress of studies and online harassment has increased mental health issues among children. If they fail in something and get too disappointed, then kids can choose the wrong ways. As a result, the suicide rate is increasing among teens, and parents are terrified of losing children.

TheWispy solution:

TheWispy helps keep a deep eye on kids; you can track your child phone without them knowing.

• Web history control:

It is expected that kids search the ways to commit suicide in browsers. However, you can know their intentions before acting on them because TheWispy provides complete access to monitor web history. You can view visited sites and take instant action.

• Geofencing:

If you’re afraid that your kid will go far away to commit wrong, then you can put restrictions on dangerous places. For example, if you don’t want your child to visit a beach or crowded place, you can block the area using the geofencing feature. You’ll get text alerts when the teen will leave a particular site or enter a location.


Being a human, you might miss something in your children’s lives, but TheWispy will never do that. With the help of advanced technology of best kids monitoring app, your kids will be safe. You can get a daily report on their online activity so that you can control them for better. So put your trust in TheWispy, and you’ll never regret it.