Mobile App Design – Keeping the End Users in Mind

MobileAppDesign KeepingtheEndUsersinMind

As the Smartphones continue to enhance their performances in the market, it is evident that mobile devices will replace the traditional desktop computers in the near future. It isn’t a surprise for everyone that most of the web content is currently viewed from the mobile phones. If you have a web application or a website then understanding how the content is viewed by the end users is very important. Creating a user experience across various platforms is much important when you want to engage well with the end users. This helps to increase the number of Smartphone pop up in the market.

Mobile App Design

Before discussing further, let’s first know what mobile design is, knowing that the majority of the end users would be using mobile devices. This is all about the idea of designing the apps first and then scaling the apps or website for all the mobile platforms. With a lot of front-end technologies that are advancing in the field at an exponential rate in the market, it is much easy for the developers to create mobile designs, which functions just as well as they were working on the desktop devices. Design of the mobile application should be simplifying the designing process of the builds. Here are six ideas that make the end user engaged with the application.

1. Right Sized Graphics

When it comes to implementing graphics into the application for the developers they generally follow the thumb rule called ‘one size fits most’ and this is actually a wrong approach. It does make the resource management simpler for the company but it can be much harmful to the visual appearance of the app. in order to make your app looks fantastic, adding graphics to the screens for specific devices would go well. A best graphics design will load at the runtime and the amount of pleasant user experience altogether. Inappropriate graphics would kill a lot of time and it goes unnoticed or sometimes annoying for the users.

2. Everything is About the Users

Design processes like diagramOkay and no-brainer would be as the user-centered, but still, it is the right way to know your users inside and out. This even accounts all of the demographic data that the analytics app can trace. Mobile app designersare well aware of this. But you should know what are all the users need and what problems they are facing in order to achieve the goal. You must know the users of your mobile app, in order to know this you can speak to them face to face or watch them working on your product or sometimes asking them their opinion on the app’s design.

3. Fully Responsive

Full responsive design is something that takes care of the application wholly and this is one of the important things that an application would be using a lot of technologies and this is one of the best things about the responsive design. There are a lot of technologies like Javascript and CSS that takes care of the front end display of the application. Responsive designs are always welcomed by the end users as they provide a lot of convenience to the end user while working on the app. This practice consists of mixed layouts and grids along with images and CSS media queries.

4. Fit the Format

We all have come across some apps that get struck or hang while it takes some time to load a large graphics file. Many people think that this happens because of the large size of the file but this happens mainly because of choosing the wrong file format for those files. The Android platform is compatible with the media file formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF, and WebP. JPEG is good for tweaking and the PNG format is best suitable for lossless images. Technologies like Nine-Patch will support stretchable graphics in Android platform, which is a good option when it comes to storing files with downloaded sizes.

5. Colors to Print

Many of the mobile designers prefer to use subtle animations to transmit the data between the screens and help to implement the user interface by controlling the color differentiation to inform the state that change in the applications. This kind of approach adds a professional touch to the mobile app. For example, if the screen fades during some activities, the screen transitions do not look very loud when implemented on the mobile phones. The color of the button and the control of the clicks mean the user actions have been performed with a goal.

Well, these are not the only points to keep in mind there are a ton of ideas that can be implemented, in order to figure it out you need to dig it deeper on the work that you’re indulged with.