PDF files have been the most popular type of file format used today. So it only makes sense if we know how to convert any file format to PDF, right? It’s possible if you know a certain converter tool that would be able to convert your files without having to compromise the original file. The converter tool we are talking about is PDF Bear, which is a free online converter tool that is guaranteed to convert your files into a different file format with ease.

The conversion process in PDF Bear wouldn’t last that long, and it is a practical way of converting your files, especially when you’re catching up on a deadline. The privacy and security of PDF Bear’s users are their priority, which is why they have installed a 258-Bit SSL encryption that would safeguard and keep your files safe and secure.

So, here are the three easy steps that you will need to follow if you wish to convert your Word files into PDF files with PDF Bear. These steps are easy to follow and are already simplified to make sure that beginner’s on the tool wouldn’t have any trouble.

First Step: Uploading Your File

The first step in converting your Word to PDF file is very simple. All you have to do is upload your chosen Word files into PDF Bear’s system. The tool also has already integrated instructions into their website, which will make it for the users to convert their files into their chosen file formats.

PDF Bear conversion tool is user-friendly that even people who are not familiar with such tools wouldn’t have any problems navigating through the website. There are various file formats that you can convert to and from with PDF Bear. Whether you want to convert your PPt to PDF, Excel to PDF, Spreadsheet to PDF, JPG to PDF, and a bunch more.

Second Step: Conversion Process

The conversion process wouldn’t take longer than one minute. Even if your file is of great size, PDF Bear would still be able to convert your files in a short time. PDF Bear assures their users that their systems will process the conversion at a much faster rate than their competitors, which makes PDF Bear one of the best online converter tools on the internet.

The second step mainly involves you waiting for the conversion process, and you wouldn’t have to do anything else like watching certain ads or clicking something else. Just wait for the process to be completed.

Third Step: Downloading the Converted PDF File

When the conversion process has been completed, you can either save it on your chosen device or save it on your cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Even if you are not using your laptops or PCs, you are still able to save your files on your smartphones, given that you have enough storage space.


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PDF Bear really is a lifesaver when it comes to converting your files into various file formats. You are assured that you wouldn’t encounter any mishaps, complications on your original and converted file. The original file would retain everything before it got converted. PDF Bear makes things easier for you if you opt to use this converter tool for all your conversion needs.

A lot of people are looking for a lot of converter tools that would provide them with high quality converted files, but why look the other way if you have PDF Bear? PDF Bear provides you with everything and makes things simplified and easier for all its users. So, why not try PDF Bear out and be amazed yourself?