Let’s talk about the TikTok Instagram tandem: their differences and similarities. As these are obviously two most popular social media today, which are suitable not only for entertaining, but also for business purposes. In terms of recognizability, blogs of both services are known by users from all over the globe, but there are some nuances, which we will try to figure out in this article.

In fact, TikTok is the same Instagram, but without the ability to upload photos. On Instagram, on the other hand, we can post videos, but this functionality does not come out on top; users are more likely to upload images. Staying ahead on Instagram and TikTok platforms has become a daunting task. Many creators and businesses leverage paid services to enhance their reach on the growing platforms. For instance, some buy TikTok likes to grow their visibility on the fierce TikTok platform flawlessly.


Who is the content in TikTok for, and who is it for on Instagram? Before choosing which is better, TikTok or Instagram, it is worth figuring out what kind of audience can be found on the first and the second service. In TikTok, some bloggers arebarely 18 years old or slightly over the age limit. On Instagram, they are usually older people who have already realized themselves in some field, often stars. And the audience is the same: in TikTok it’s teenagers, and in Instagram, it’s more mature and wealthy people. I mean, just look at the TikTok logo, it says it all!

But it’s only fair to say, that the TikTok audience is getting older day by day. So, if you are pondering whether or not to start your business in TikTok, just start acting.

In what situations it’s better to get a TikTok and when Instagram? So, you’re about to start using either one or the other service, but you don’t know which is a better fit and where you can do cooler content. Let’s look at a few possible areas:

Commerce. Instagram is best in this regard – the photo gives the user a better look at the products. TikTok, on the other hand, is focused on dynamic videos, and forever pausing the clip to see more is not very convenient. Instead, developers are well aware of this, so they add more features aimed at more convenient trading.

Blog. Although the lack of opportunities to post photos and spoils the overall impression of TikTok, the algorithms for selecting recommendations here work well and allow for faster promotion. In this case, the rivers in this service have a greater value than in Instagram. So in general, you can blog here and there, but more rapid promotion provides TikTok.

Personal account. All the advantages of TikTok are eliminated when it comes to a personal page. That’s why I advise you to use a photo network for it. Each of these types of profiles allows you to earn. However, the sphere of promotion and earning is better developed in Insta and it is better to use it to find income.

Another important thing is close ties to other social networks. You can link Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even Instagram to TikTok. You can use them to log in or quickly upload a post not only to a TikTok page but also to another profile. And also do not discount the fact that if you link Instagram, you get a big button on your page, with which it is convenient for subscribers to open the photo network and subscribe to it as well. In this way, you can promote two profiles at once.