Technology companies are always trying to develop and create the latest technology for users but not always successful.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7


This is Samsung’s best phablet until it … explodes itself. The problem with the Note 7 is that the battery is too big to be crammed into the body causing overheating and explosion. There are many dangerous cases recorded as Note 7 spontaneously ignites itself when charging the battery at night, burns the pants pocket that causes user burns or burns on the plane causing passengers to evacuate.

Luckily, Samsung quickly recovered all Note 7 sold and fixed the errors in the next Note series.

Apple Wireless Charger

Apple is the leading technology company in the world, every product they make has perfect quality and design that makes technology world-wide around the world “learn” to follow. In 2017, Apple promised to launch a wireless charger that could simultaneously charge iPhone X, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

However, this dock has never appeared because of “substandard products” as Apple announced. This is probably the only product that Apple needs to “learn” other technology companies to perfect the product.

MacBook Butterfly Keyboard

Apple’s design motto in recent years has made its products increasingly thinner and more attractive. The Apple Macbook line has always been considered the standard of beauty with a butterfly keyboard that is easily stuck by dirt, food, … on the bottom causing jamming keys. After a lot of complaints, Apple had to apologize and get a free warranty for the MacBook using the butterfly keyboard.

Window 8, 8.1 – Windows Phone

After the golden age of Windows 7, Microsoft decided to create a completely new Windows operating system called Windows 8. The complete removal of the “legendary” Windows key and interface change was so sudden that users Unable to get used to it, the stability of Windows 7 has caused Windows 8 to “retire” early.

Another problem with Windows 8 is that the focus on the touch screen interface makes the mouse and keyboard experience no longer as smooth as previous Windows versions.

As for Windows Phone, the “death” was anticipated because by the time Microsoft launched, the smartphone world was shaped by two “sides” Android and iPhone. Despite being a late-born child, Windows Phone does not have too many advantages compared to the other two competitors, the interface is monotonous and lacks serious applications.

Google Glass

Since its launch, Google Glass is expected to revolutionize virtual reality glasses, but the results are not as expected. Despite being advertised, you will be able to apply in reality such as displaying weather information, displaying maps, receiving phone calls, … just by waving a few waves in the air but the actual experience is not “magic” as expectations. In addition, the design is not compact enough and less subtle makes users look quite “weird” when used on the street.

Google’s Social Networks

social media

To compete with Facebook, Google has created many different social networks such as Google Buzz (2010), Google + (2011). Although Google has many successful products such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Drive, … but their social networks have never been considered rivals of Facebook. Not only that, in 2018, Google + also revealed the personal information of 500,000 accounts. By 2019, Google has decided to close Google + because the number of users is too small.

Steam Machines

Did you know that Steam used to launch consoles to compete with PlayStation and Xbox? Steam announced its console in 2014, but it was not until 2015 that the entire machine was sold. After being launched, gaming firms are not too keen on Steam. In 2018, Steam removed the console category from its homepage, and there has been no news since then.