The dynamic nature of the Internet has nurtured a huge marketplace where companies must stay on their toes to reach their goals. Amidst this landscape, it is vital to have deft professionals on board who know how to craft your marketing strategies.

FME Extensions initiated with the aim to provide eCommerce store designs. They believe in providing excellent services with the aid of their eCommerce Experts who offer customized store designs on the table. They fully accept the idea that every store has a different set of requirements. Each time a company comes into contact with the agency, they conduct special sessions to grasp the basics of their store and work out design through mutual consultation.

Here is what the savvy FME Dubai team is pro at:

eCommerce Web Design and Development

Every business works in a unique paradigm. It is highly essential to make sure your prospects align with your vision. For this, you need a team that knows how to convert the leads. At FME Extensions, our approach is to visualize your store by turning it into your customer. We brainstorm all requirements that the people may need when they arrive at your doorstep.

Operating in the Ecommerce Website Development Dubai climate has enabled us to create a diverse work history. Besides web design and development, our professionals have also provided a devoted service for Magneto extension installation and Magneto theme installation. Analyze our previous projects and you will be amazed at how each of our projects has used the latest technology to increase the profitability of our clients.

Migration and Custom Development

fme web development dubai

Companies often worry about shifting to another platform. They shrug off the idea as they fear losing data. However, FME Extension has worked out a solid procedure to switch without any data loss. With our Magneto Data migration, there is no need to fret about data transfer. The software and process used by our company ensure that you don’t lose even a single fragment of your data.

As mentioned above, we make sure that your store follows the structure that falls in line with your industry. Our skilled individuals would work out a custom framework for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Expecting your company to rule search charts with flawless web design can be erroneous. It is vital to acknowledge the algorithms used by Google and other search platforms. There is a set of rules that each site must follow to make sure they pop up every time a user types in specific keywords. The procedure followed to shape such sites is known as SEO.

At FME Extensions, we cater to this requirement of the search grids. We optimize the website according to the ongoing trends. This involves reducing loading times, adopting different layouts, and following readable design patterns. It is important to note that our team never follows the same pattern for more than one website. Every client is provided with a web design that is unique and sticks by the search engine requirements.

Website Speed Optimization

Speed has become the primary concern for businesses as slow loading websites end up losing customers in the split of a second. 40% of customers will abandon your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. That’s a lot.

Our web professionals with years of experience know how to turn an underperforming site into a super-fast website. They will evaluate your site from every angle and make major tweaks that will make it load much faster resulting in good user experience.

Whether it is server-side configuration, database, code or image optimization, CDN, or full page cache, our professionals will do it all.

Final Word

Once you have handed your project to FME Extensions Dubai, it is time to let go of all worries. Our crafty brains know very well how to design, optimize, and transfer your store. Be it eCommerce payment gateway integration, product entry, or maintenance; our team finds an easy solution for all your needs. For more details about FME Extensions Dubai, visit the website: