Why are there so many different types of vacuum cleaners? The answer to that is we all have different needs when it comes to our vacuums and problems which need to be solved. One of the most common problems in the home is pet hair. Pet hair doesn’t just lye on top of carpet fibers, it builds up deep in the fibers and on top of the carpet backing. Static electricity compounds the problem by making pet hairs actually stick to fibers.

Unfortunately, not all vacuum cleaners are up to the task of removing deep-down pet hairs without problems like hair wrapping around the brushes. For these reasons, we have listed the best performing vacuums for pet hair removal based on consumer feedback and tests from Consumer Reports. Keep in mind these are not necessarily listed in any particular order. Although the main purpose of this article is to list the best vacuums for pet hair, there are other issues involved when choosing the right vacuum cleaner or the best robot vacuum for pet hair for your needs.

Best Vacuum


Best vacuum for pet hair Dyson calls it’s DC17 the “Animal” for a reason. The DC17 bagless upright is specially designed for removing that stubborn, deep down dog and cat hair, most other vacuums will leave behind. Dysons are known for power, and the DC17 is no exception. If you spend some time reading through consumer feedback, you’ll find a common thread, and that is that pre-vacuum with their old vacuum cleaner then go right behind it with their new DC17. Most are astonished by the amount of pet hair, as well as fine dirt particles, and this vacuum picks up over their old vacuum. Dyson has many other models that are really good. V6 models are also popular and you get Dyson v6 replacement battery easily.

The DC17 uses Dyson’s patented Cyclonic Technology to ensure full suction power as the dirt bin fills. The handy 5/8 gallon dust bin with emptying trigger makes it easy to empty the dirt and hair into the garbage without having to touch the dirt. The DC17 also comes with a turbine brush cleaning attachment for quickly removing pet hair from upholstery and drapes.

The main drawback to the Dyson is the price. Some consumers simply are not willing to or cannot afford to pay that much for a vacuum cleaner. Not a problem. This is not the only vacuum cleaner that’s up to the task.


Best vacuum for pet hair this is from a 2006 Consumer Reports test, but the Kenmore Progressive 35922 upright tested the best out of 65 vacuum cleaners tested and is still available with new and used models. The Kenmore progressive uses a direct drive to efficiently power the brush without slipping or the need to replace belts.

The 35922 also features an Intel-Clean setting which provides a boost of power for better cleaning. This vacuum uses a HEPA filter bag which may be better for allergy sufferers as dust and allergens are not released into the air when changing bags, as may happen with bagless models. The Kenmore Progressive proved to be very good for picking up stubborn cat hair, and this test is supported by a number of consumer feedback sites.


When you take the time to think about cleaning your floors you probably imagine getting out the sweeper, or the broom, and carrying out some very strenuous work. You may even dread doing this and you might put it off until you simply cannot wait anymore. If that sounds like you, and your life, you will want to consider getting the Roomba vacuum.

The Roomba vacuum is automated and it takes all of the back work out of cleaning your floors. With this vacuum, you can simply turn it on and let it go. It is able to make its way around the obstacles in your home in order to get the floors clean. The company that has produced this product has even gone so far as to improve the vacuum several times, with different models, so that you are able to get the cleanest floors possible when using it.

If you are intrigued, you might want to know what some of the features are related to this product. If you have pets then you will want to strongly consider the easy clean brush that comes as an attachment with some of the Roomba vacuums. This is a great way to help get pet hair off of the furniture and hard to reach places.

The Roomba is wonderful for people that have a bad back because they do not have to lug a heavy vacuum around. That is part of the reason why some people will purchase this product. But, it can still be very difficult to bend over in order to turn this vacuum off and on. This was recognized by the manufacturers. Now, you can purchase a remote control that will allow you the opportunity to turn the vacuum off and on that way. This will help save you from bending over and injuring your back even more.

If you are just learning about the Roomba you may be fascinated. It is easy to see why when you begin reading about this vacuum. They really are a step towards modernizing your home.


Best vacuum for pet hair many people simply prefer a canister vac over an upright. Obviously, the cleaning head is much more light-weight and easier to maneuver. Canister vacuums are also great for cleaning hard to reach drapes and stairs. There is no CR testing data available, but the Hoover S3765-040 Wind Tunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum is highly rated among the consumers themselves.

The stylish WindTunnel uses no bags and offers powerful suction with aggressive, variable speed, agitator (beater bars), and a powered brush attachment for drapes and upholstery. If you’re on a tight budget and have pets, this may be the vacuum cleaner you’re looking for.