Today, in this technological world, developers and researches have set up different technologies that are used for performing various tasks. Among all the other hardware that is used in the laptop and computer devices, the printer is one of the most used technologies. Why choose a printer? The printer is an essential device that converts the soft copy of the documents into the hardcopy which is safely kept by the person. However, the role of the printer is to accept the text and the graphic output from the computer. This also transforms the information into the sheet of paper.

Moreover, printers vary in sizes, sophistication, cost, and speed. High-resolution colour printing is done by the high cost and expensive printers that are available in the market. However, there are two types of personal computer printers that are available in the market. Impact printer and non-impact printer are the two printers that are used for personal computers. The printer that is used for making the hardcopy they are having various qualities and properties. There are several properties that the printers have. The qualities of the printer that attracts the user’s are-


Hp Envy Printer

Users who need the colourful printer pages and the colour part of the information for them the colour is an important quality that the printer gives. The colour printers that are available can also be set up in the black and white form. Since the colour printers that are used have two ink cartridges they require high expenses to be set up. The person who prints a lot of pages at a particular time will find it easy to use black and white ink. This way is very cheaper to operate.


Printer resolution is the sharpness of images and the text on the piece of paper. However, this feature is manually set up with the measured dots as per the inch. Inexpensive printers that are mostly used, provides the sufficient resolution for most of the purposes. These are mostly done at the 600 dots per inch.


The speed of the printer is much important when you are making extensive use of the printers for printing and making the hard copies. Inexpensive and the default printers print only 3-6 sheets per minute which is very time consuming and this makes the work delay. On the other hand, if we compare color printing with black and white printing then the colour printing requires more time. Expensive printers are the best when you talk about the fast speed and accuracy.

These are the qualities of the printers that are available in the market. However, there are many companies that are developing different models of printers all over the globe. One of the best and the most preferred company from all over the globe is the hp company.

Setup of the hp envy printer setup

Hp Envy Printer

Moreover, there are various models that are designed and developed by the company like hp envy printer. This is the reason why the devices and the printer developed by the company is flourishing in the global market. Some people find it very difficult to have good hp envy printer setup.

Furthermore, you are among the one? Then you don’t have to worry about the set of the envy printer is very easy. However, in this article, we are providing you with the steps that will help you to set up the envy hp printer. The steps that are involved for the envy hp printer setup are as follows-

1.Take the printer out from the box

Remove all the tape, stickers and packing materials for taking out the printer from the cartoon or the wooden box. However, by taking out the printer from the box remove all the packing materials and the tape that is attached to it along with the control panel.

Moreover, hold the handles that are either side of the printer. By raising the ink cartridge you need to lock the door until access to the place. Close the access door of the ink cartridge and recycle material that you have removed while taking out the printer from the box.

2.Connect the cord of the power supply and the set preference

After removing all the packing materials plug the printer on the wall outlet. In addition to that turn on the printer and set the preferences. You need to make sure that you don’t connect the USB cable at the same time when you switch on the printer. The printer must be connected to the computer at the time of software installation when it is processed. Therefore, in the second step, you are required to connect the power cord of the printer to an electrical outlet of the room. Select your preferred language and the country as well as fill all the required details at the time.

3.Install the ink cartridges

The next step is to open the access door of the ink cartridge. Remove the ink cartridge from the printer packaging that is there. You need to be cautious and touch only the black plastic that is there on the ink cartridge.  Along with that make sure that you have removed the plastic tape that was fixed over it. Insert the ink cartridge in the slight angle that is into the empty slot. On the other hand, repeat the steps that you have used before for setting up the other cartridges. After that, you are supposed to close the success door of the ink cartridge.

4.Load the paper and install the software

The next and the final step for the hp envy printer setup is to pull open the input tray and then remove the tray output. Then remove the packing material from the photo tray. With this enter the printing papers that for making the hardcopy of the software that you are creating. After loading the paper into the tray it is time for you to install the software in your computer. After the instructor guides you for the installation completion until then don’t try to connect the printer cable to the device that you are using.

Thus, these were the steps and the full guide about the hp envy printer setup that you can read and get the details about the same.