HTC Corporation has returned to compete strongly in the mobiles category with the new leading new HTC 10. This marks an important turning point for the company HTC after many years. And with squaring Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on the top of the leading mobile market, we present to you today a comparison between the Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 Mobile HTC 10.

The most important similarities:

There may not be a noticeable similarity between Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 7 and Mobile HTC 10, as the two phones screens are similar in their specifications to a large extent. Both devices -screen high-quality precision QHD, with 32 GB memory Mobile upgradable with microSD card memory and 4 GB MB RAM, with a battery 3000 mAh, rear 12 MP front camera and 5MP back camera. The two phones running the Android operating system Marshmallow 6 , and the two devices come with fingerprint sensor .

samsung camera

While similar to the camera resolution in the two devices, but the camera Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 comes aperture lens wider f / 1.7 for the camera front and back with aperture lens f / 1.7. While the Mobile HTC 10 back camera has aperture lens f / 1.8 with a laser focus, and front lens aperture f / 1.8. Each of the two devices is equipped with a dual LED flash and OIS technology.

The main differences:

htc10vssamsunggalaxys7As for the differences between Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 and Mobile HTC 10, it can be confined to only 4 points :

The processor:

While the version of the Samsung mobile available S7 processor- Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip, but that is currently available elsewhere is a processor Samsung Exynos 8890, while the Mobile HTC 10 it comes with a processor Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip, making it difficult to determine the best in performance.

The screen:

While both phones come with a QHD screen, but the Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 comes 5.1” Super AMOLED and screen which gives a resolution of up to 577 pixels per inch , while the Mobile HTC 10 comes with a screen 5.2″ Super LCD gives you 565 pixel resolution per inch .

HTC10The design:

Both Mobile HTC 10 and Mobile Samsung S7 feature a stylish design, but the Mobile HTC 10 has a full metal design, while Mobile Samsung Galaxy comes with a glass design and a metal structure. The Samsung mobile is slimmer, but the Mobile HTC 10 is considered the most fragile.

Distinctive characteristics:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 that comes with protection from water and dust, make it usable in filming under water and also guarantees that the mobile will not be affected by rain. The HTC 10 it does not come to with protection from water and dust, but it comes technology BoomSound sound with Dolby Audio which gives an outstanding sound experience.

The HTC 10 has a USB-C, which enables you to transfer files on Mobile very fast and &  fast charging. While the Mobile Samsung S7 it has a regular Micro-USB, but it supports the rapid charging of the battery property.

samsung-galaxy Although both phones ARE running Android 6 Marshmallow, each of them comes with a different interface, and while the Samsung TouchWiz has many advantages and multiple characteristics as it comes with many applications preloaded and that can not be deleted. The HTC has changed its Sense UI to be lighter and closer to a large extent to the original android interface. The company also omitted many applications and only kept the official Google applications to improve the performance of mobile and speed.

android6Specs comparison:


Samsung Galaxy S7

HTC 10


Android 6 Marshmallow with TouchWiz Android 6 Marshmallow with Sense UI


Exynos 8890 Qualcomm Quad 820


4 GB 4 GB


 32 or 64 GB, additional ready 32 or 64 GB, additional ready


5.1” QHD 5.2” QHD


3000 mAMP 3000 mAMP


Front 5 MP, Back 12 MP Front 5 MP, Back 12 MP


Dust & Water protection, Fingerprint sensor, fast charging, OIS USB-C,Fingerprint sensor, fast charging, OIS





It is difficult to choose between the two devices as both come with powerful capabilities making them the most powerful Mobile Android that is currently available in global markets and local. And while Mobile HTC is currently not available 10 in Egypt, but is expected to be fetch up to 8,000 pounds when coming off, while Mobile Samsung Galaxy S- 7 is available in Egypt at a cheaper price 7899 EGP offer now, which could make him the phone best suited if you care about the price. It is available from Amazon for even better price.

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