Samsung is not responsible for any harm caused by illegal repairs. For repairs, kindly contact a qualified technician.

Using genuine parts will not impact your warranty. Moreover, it will help you avoid compromising your security and increase the product’s longevity.

Often, OEM parts are cheaper than aftermarket ones. Also, they are designed to fit your device perfectly.


Samsung is renowned for putting a lot of thought into its products’ performance. That’s why Samsung products feature top-of-the-line technologies like Super AMOLED displays, giving devices a slimmer form factor, brighter image, and 18 percent less energy consumption than other competing mobile device screens.

Samsung also offers warranty protection plans that guarantee customers around-the-clock support and service by expert technicians. That’s just one way the company ensures its consumers get the best value from its appliances and smartphones.

Some consumers may worry that choosing an OEM screen replacement from a repair store will lose some original functionality. The good news is that Samsung OEM-grade replacement screens still have the same functionality as the originals. That includes the fingerprint scanner and the size of the bezel. Inflating the price of genuine Samsung parts and scaremongering about third-party parts could exacerbate many problems that companies are trying to solve with part-pairing.



The manufacturer will back that component with a warranty if you purchase a genuine part, like SamsungParts, from an authorized store. The warranty protects you from defects or damage caused by non-authorized repair or self-repair.

You can add Samsung Care+, which covers repairs after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. The coverage is available at checkout, so you can enjoy added peace of mind from the start.

Before attempting any repairs:

  1. Make sure you have the necessary tools and are working in a safe environment.
  2. Ensure the product is turned off and unplugged from any power sources.
  3. For additional information, consult the official Samsung Self-Repair Guides. You can find these on the Samsung Parts Store.

You should also contact a qualified technician or Samsung support for additional technical assistance. **Samsung financing is available for purchases made with a credit card on Samsung Financing. See terms and conditions for details. Interest will be charged to your account starting on the date of purchase if the promotional balance is not paid in full within 12, 18, or 24 months.


When you choose a genuine Samsung replacement part, you can be confident that the part will work well with your device. This will guarantee that your gadget keeps working correctly and maintains its high resale value.

However, the opposite is true when you choose a third-party or aftermarket replacement part. Many users worry that aftermarket parts will compromise functionality, including fingerprint scanning. For example, in 2021, repair YouTuber Hugh Jeffreys swapped screens between two identical Samsung Galaxy A51 devices and found that the phones stopped functioning correctly for fingerprint scanning.

To address these concerns, Samsung offers live chat support through its website, where a representative can help you troubleshoot, make a warranty claim, or get a service appointment set up. This feature is a great asset and is available to customers around the clock. Additionally, Samsung also offers phone-based support seven days a week. However, these options can be expensive and impose restrictions on your repairs.


If your phone or tablet breaks, genuine Samsung parts are the best way to fix it. These are designed to be compatible with the device and can help maintain resale value. Unlike duplicate screens, which can damage the internals of your device and aren’t covered by any warranty, genuine replacement parts offer the highest quality at the lowest price.

Some companies use serialized parts-pairing to boost their profits by encouraging new device purchases and detering people from using third-party and counterfeit components. However, making repair more expensive and scaring off people from aftermarket and refurbished parts is only suitable for some.

We recommend these for anyone who wants to save money and get high-quality, reliable repairs. We encourage our readers to ask questions in our Answers Forum or contact us with technical questions.