Vlogging started way back in 1994 when people began using the internet. It only became a trend in the year 2000 when one of the first vloggers, Adam Kontras, posted a video of his journey to Los Angeles. Following the video, many people tried to create their content to follow in his footsteps. However, they were hindered by the poor quality of microphones, cameras, and equipment.

Luckily, technology has progressed and people can already shoot clips and upload videos more efficiently. Since then, vlogging has become a worldwide trend!

Video blogging can help you store memories and build rapport with your audience. But the most important benefit of this activity is the ability to earn money per view. YouTube, for example, pays an average of $18 per 1000 ad views, which is $0.01 to $0.03 per advertisement. Seeing how people need extra income during the pandemic, more people are trying their luck in becoming successful content creators.

Are you one of them? Then you will need a high-quality camera, an editing device, and the best microphone for YouTube vlogging. Read on to understand how to choose the best one for you.

Can I Simply Use My Existing Laptop Camera or Mic for YouTube?

When you vlog, the goal is to provide a clear picture and sound to your audience. These are essential to maintain interest, deliver a message, and build rapport. Many people disregard the value of a high-quality camera and mic for their content. Little do they know that a high-quality camera and best microphone for Youtube video creation can make or break your success as a video blogger.

If you have an existing laptop at home with a built-in camera and mic, take a look at its specifications before you use them for your vlog. The most ideal camera resolution is 1600×1200 megapixels or higher. Otherwise, the video output will be pixelated. As a result, it will be difficult to crop and zoom, which will hinder you from getting creative with your videos.

In choosing microphones, on the other hand, you need a piece of equipment that can control what the audience hears. Relying on your built-in mic doesn’t give you this convenience. It easily captures everything in the background, resulting in noise and poor sound feedback. This is why expert YouTubers recommend investing in an external mic for better audio.

Which Microphones Do Famous YouTubers Use?

Nineteen of the most famous YouTubers were interviewed about the microphone brand they use for content creation. From their responses, the best microphone recommended is the Shure SM78 mic followed by the Rode Video Micro, Electrovoice RE20, and Sennheiser Me 2-II. In fact, experts studied the components of these mics and what made them the best, and they found out that all are either cardioid, supercardioid, or omnidirectional.

Cardioid Microphones

Cardioid mics are the most popular choice among YouTubers. They have a polar pattern that captures sounds coming from different directions. It records audio coming from the front, less sound from the sides, and rejects sound coming from the back. The cardioid mic is essential if you want to cancel out any background noise and only capture your voice while speaking.

Supercardioid Microphones

Superdioid mics, on the other hand, are the stronger versions of cardioid mics. People mount the equipment further away. However, it works just as efficiently in capturing sounds. Producers use superdioid mics when shooting short films and movies when the actors are not allowed to speak directly into the microphone. It is a discreet way to capture sounds in sets and studios without worrying that the mic could overlap the shot.

Omnidirectional Microphones

Lastly, the omnidirectional mic is designed to capture sound from every direction. An example of this is the lavalier mic. Public speakers, YouTubers, and singers clip this to their clothing so they can move and dance freely while they perform. Omnidirectional mics are also ideal for travelers and hikers who need a flexible mic to capture every sound as they move.

Types of Microphones for YouTube

The YouTube-recommended Shure SM78 mic costs more or less $400. It is a dynamic cardioid mic that can be used for various occasions. However, it is not available in every area. Plus, it’s too costly, especially for start-up vloggers. Luckily, there are alternative tools you can use, depending on your content.

Read on about the best types of microphones, and see which one fits your needs!

Wireless mics

Wireless mics are efficient, especially if you need to move around often. There are no cords to untangle and no wires to trip on. With a wireless microphone, the audio captured by the mic is converted into a radio signal to reach the receiver through the air. After the receiver condenses the sound, it generates an output to the sound system and amplifies it for the audience.

USB mics

A USB microphone contains the elements of a traditional mic but with two additional circuits: the onboard preamp and the analog-to-digital (A/D) converter. With a preamp circuit, you no longer need to connect to a mixer or an external mic. The A/D converter, on the other hand, changes the mic’s output from analog to digital so you can easily plug it into a computer and use it through a recording software. This makes recording easier and hassle-free.

XLR mics

The XLR microphone stands for X Connector, Locking Connector, and Rubber Boot. It is one of the highly recommended microphones if you want high-quality outputs. XLR mics can isolate noise and cancel it. This way, the only thing the audience hears is the speaker. Although this is a wired microphone, there is a clean audio transfer from the input to the transmitter. Plus, this mic is more durable. It has a ground-pin-first connection that protects the mic from electrical damage.

Best Microphone for YouTube

Lavalier mics

The lavalier mic is also known as the body mic, clip mic, neck mic, and personal mic. It is a small microphone attached to the body to give a discrete and lightweight approach to capture sound. Like wireless microphones, lavalier mics transmit audio to a receiver where it is condensed and adjusted before the output is released to the sound system.

Shotgun mics

A shotgun mic is a unidirectional microphone that must be pointed at the source of frequency for a more efficient recording.  It focuses on the sound that comes from the front and cancels out any sound from any other direction. This mic is named shotgun because of its barrel-shaped body and the need to be pointed towards the target source.

Budget mics

Budget mics are more affordable. They do the job, but don’t expect them to generate the same quality of output as their more expensive counterparts. With a budget mic, you will need high-end tools, which are usually more expensive, to enhance sound. It’s better to invest in a high-quality microphone in the first place in order to capture sound efficiently and to deliver high-quality output. Some of the best budget microphones include the Shure SM-57, the Blue Spark SL, the AKG mic, and the Audio-Technica AT2020. You can purchase these in department stores starting at $99.

Which Microphone Is the Right Choice for Your Case?

The best microphone for YouTube videos depends on your purpose and content. There is a specific mic ideal for each situation.

If you need a basic microphone for streaming or voice recording in your room, you can invest in a USB mic, a wireless mic, or a budget mic. But if you need a mic that can capture every sound no matter where you go, use a lavalier mic. You can clip it onto your shirt or belt so that it can capture your voice while you perform or go on adventures.

Furthermore, if your content includes vocalizing, singing a song, or starting a podcast, choose wireless microphones or XLR mics. But if you need to shoot short films and movies in a studio or a room, the shotgun microphone is probably the best one for you.


There are a variety of microphones you can install in your Youtube studio setup. But before you choose one, identify your objectives and your budget. This ensures that you get a mic that can capture the sound you need for outstanding, quality output that your audience will enjoy. For more information about the fundamentals of vlogging, camera, and mic setup, read more about valuable tech topics here!