Picking the right game can be confusing, especially if there are already tons of games on the market right now. To find the best game that will help you burn time, you should check these best over-all games.



If you own a pc, console, or a smartphone, most probably you can play Minecraft. Minecraft is a unique game that has no specific storyline, no particular category or genre, no specific characters, and even dramatic cut scenes, which most games nowadays have. The game itself is plain and straightforward that a common type of person can right away play the game.

Downloading the game is just very easy, you will get a launcher application that will provide you multiple separate installations to your computer. For most people, playing Minecraft is very fun because they can also have a lot of Minecraft mods in the game. Minecraft creator has been very competitive; they often provide updates to the game for the best experience.

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

It may be old, but The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the best overall games that you can find. One advantage of these games is that it is light for any computer system to handle since it is old. The graphics of the game is not that sophisticated compared with the latest games out there, but the storyline of this game is the best.

Just a little background of the game, just like those adventure games out there, Link, an adventurous young boy, will take the challenge to save the princess. He will be meeting different strong enemies along the way that would test your gaming skills. Later on, Link will meet some friends that will become his travel companions in the game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

LEGO Super Mario

If you never played Super Mario or even heard about this game, then your childhood lacks something. Nintendo created the best and the most excellent Super Mario game just nine years ago, the Super Mario Galaxy 2. Not only has it improved in the graphics category, but also it has a fascinating story full of adventures and excitement.

Nintendo is not playing around when it comes to its Super Mario game series. The Super Mario Galaxy 2 game style is close to its predecessor, the Super Mario Galaxy. The two games have the same controls, same engine, and the same concept, this helps users be more comfortable playing and doesn’t need to spend more time adjusting to the game.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is the most realistic type of game that you can do anything inside the game. It also has a unique story in which you will surely enjoy. The game was first seen on the market in 2013, made by Rockstar North. Since 2008, GTA V is the only main entry of the Grand Theft Auto Series.

Some of the most exciting things you can do in GTA V are stealing cars, hijacking airplanes, driving choppers, doing some parachutes, and more. One thing you should also consider if you want to play Grand Theft Auto V is its weight. Most computers might not be able to run this type of game because it takes too much space and processing.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare


It is a prequel and, at the same time, a reboot to the COD: Modern Warfare franchise. If you like guns, shooting, and action, this game is perfect for you. There is already a lot of Call of Duty versions, but this one is the most intense, thrilling, exciting shooting game you’ll ever play. Although the game is quite heavy, with little pc upgrades, you’re good to go.


If you want to play a pc or console game, there are millions of games out there. But if you’re going to try the most exciting and thrilling games, then those games mentioned above are the ones you should try.