Lost Ark features various currencies, and while you can get some of these currencies by completing various tasks in the game, some currencies require you to spend real-life money. Gold falls somewhere in the middle as you can buy it or earn it through any means necessary. Players need gold for various tasks such as gear upgrades and trading with other players.

There is no service requirement which means you can share it with players from all around the globe. Silver serves the same purpose, but gold is rarer, and getting it is quite difficult. You also need it to buy items from the auction house. If you want to get more gold in Lost Ark, this gold-making guide features everything that you need to know to become rich in no time.

Use of Gold in the Lost Ark

For now, there are a total of seven currencies in Lost Ark, and gold is one of them that is required for trading, upgrading gear, buying consumables, upgrading the house, etc. No matter what you do, you will need Lost Ark Gold at some point in the game. The best thing about gold in Lost Ark is that you can share it between as many accounts as you want. This is good for players who have millions of gold coins in one account and don’t want to waste them.

For trading with NPCs, you don’t need gold at all, so the only way left to spend it is at the Marketplace. You can unlock Marketplace at level 30 to buy items from other players and sell extra items from the inventory to them. Become a good guild member and donate some extra gold to the guild. If you are short on any other currency in the game, you can exchange gold for getting that currency which is a good deal.

Updated Gold Making Guide

With the right methods, getting enough gold to meet all your needs is easier done than said. There are multiple ways to get your hands on gold in Lost Ark, and below are the five best ways to quickly get gold.

Complete Dungeons and Raids


Dungeons and raids are an important aspect of Lost Ark that you can’t simply ignore. Lost Ark is an action MMO game, and it features hundreds of dungeons and raids. These raids and dungeons reward you with gold along with a large number of other items. Among all the available raids, the guardian raid is the best option as you get more gold than you imagine when you complete the raid for the very first time.

Pro players advise that you should complete all dungeons and chaos dungeons, especially every day. To unlock dungeons, you need to upgrade the character to level fifty and a gear score of 250.

Even if you don’t get any gold, you will get items that you can sell at the Marketplace because something is better than nothing. Some dungeons feature hidden rooms that are filled with valuables and gold bars. The first two guardians’ raids of the day reward you with accessories and upgrade materials that you can sell at the Marketplace.

Complete Challenges

If you are near the endgame but don’t have enough gold yet, completing challenges is your best shot. You can unlock Una’s tasks at character level fifty, which are daily as well as weekly challenges. You can complete these tasks on a weekly and daily basis to earn a currency known as Una’s tasks. Convert all Una’s tasks to gold whenever you want. If you don’t have anything else to do in the game, spend your free time doing these tasks for some free gold.
● Buy a gold pouch with eighty Una’s tokens to get two hundred gold coins
● Buy a gold chest with two hundred Una’s tokens to get six hundred gold coins
● Buy a gold casket worth five hundred Una’s tokens to get twelve hundred gold coins

Sell extra items on the Marketplace


Selling items on the Marketplace for gold doesn’t make you a broker, as this is the best way to get all those extra items while making some money. Rare items sell at the best price, and you can make a massive profit on them. Check for prices of items at the Marketplace and buy some items if their price is low.

You may need to hold on to some items for some time if the price isn’t very high. Items you sell on the Marketplace are bought by other players, so you may need to make an offer that they can’t refuse. Before putting an item for sale on the Marketplace, double-check to make sure that you don’t need it anywhere in the near future, as getting rare items is quite difficult.

Build Rapport

Building a better relationship with non-playing characters is necessary for Lost Ark, and it is known as Rapport. Although this requires some extra research, you can become friends with an NCP, and they will reward you with free gold from time to time for your good behavior.

The amount of gold isn’t fixed, but some of them give hundreds of these gold coins at a time. As mentioned above, finding the right NCP and building a strong relationship with them is rewarding. Below are some of the best NCPs that you can try, along with how much gold they reward.

● Thirain rewards you with five hundred gold coins
● Neria rewards you with six hundred gold coins
● Ealyn rewards you with one thousand gold coins
● Avele rewards you with fourteen hundred gold coins
● Sasha rewards you with thirty-five hundred gold coins

Complete Gateway Maps

In Lost Ark, gateway maps refer to co-op-focused missions where you set on an adventure to earn gold. They usually come once in a while, so you need to track them to increase your chances of earning extra gold.

You need a friend for gateway maps adventures, so invite someone from your guild and make some profit together. MMOPIXEL.COM features safe and secure boosting services, in-game currencies, and items for a large number of popular games of all genres.