One of the best ways to boost your performance in a game is to watch what the Pros are doing and see how you can apply it to your playstyle. You can learn a lot by watching the best players on Twitch or Fortnite tournaments, picking up some tips, tricks, and skills. However, sometimes it’s not easy to translate what a pro player is doing. Sometimes you’ll be copying a move, but it’s just not working. The problem could be your settings – they might be harming your performance.

In a game, the settings are your foundation. If Fortnite were a cake, then the settings would be the flour and the eggs – it doesn’t matter how well you bake it, how many delicious ingredients you add; if you mess up the flour and egg parts, you’ll have a lousy cake. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the settings Pro Fortnite players are using.

Fortnite player Bugha, who earlier this year appeared in the number 1 spot for the top 10 Fornite players globally, has recently shared his settings with fans.

Graphics Quality

Bugha has 3D resolution set to 100%, View Distance set to Medium, and Shadows, Anti-Aliasing, turned OFF. Textures, Effects, and Post Processing are set to Low.

The logic behind this is simple; the less you work your GPU, the higher Frames Per Second (FPS) you’ll get during the game. If your FPS is struggling, then setting textures and effects to Low will help stabilize it. Of course, if your FPS is stable and you’re happy with it, you can bump textures up to Medium, so the game looks a little nicer.


In terms of Advanced graphics:

  • Motion Blur – OFF
  • Show FPS – ON

Most of the settings are intuitive, but here are a few others you should take note of:

  • Building: Confirm Edit on Release should be turned on. This allows you to build faster since you don’t have to confirm twice.
  • Mouse sensitivity: This can vary depending on your mouse and your playstyle, but ideally, you want to be able to swipe your mouse across the mouse pad and have your character do a full 360-degree turn. Bugha currently has his X and Y-axis set to 10% but confesses that he changes it a lot. Experiment and see what’s right for you.


The goal with keybinds is to find a setup you can quickly and easily execute. If you always have to reach across your keyboard in an awkward position to hit a key, your bind is no good.

Here’s a recommended Keybind setup for Fornite according to Bugha:


  • Move Forward – W
  • Move Left – A, Z (Z to run left while holding A).
  • Move Backward – S, Down
  • Move Right – D, Mouse Button
  • Jump – Space Bar
  • AutoRun – Equals, NumLock
  • Crouch – Left Ctrl


Crouch While Building – Left Ctrl

Wall – X

Floor – V

Stairs – C

Roof – Left Shift

Trap – T

Place Building – Mouse Button

Repair/Upgrade – H

Rotate Building – G

Change Building Material – Mouse Button

Building Edit – F

Select Building Edit – Mouse Button

Reset Building Edit – Mouse Button

In terms of mouse buttons, just play around and see what feels comfortable for you with the number of buttons you have available to you. If you have a non-gaming mouse, you will likely have to replace some of them with keyboard binds.

You’re ready to start playing like the Pros! If you want to begin Fortnite fresh but still want to cool skins, you can buy Fortnite accounts online.