To start a career in IT or related technical field a formal education or a degree is essential, but the degree alone is not enough. With so many different career options in IT, it is a difficult task to pick one that would be good for progressing in the right direction. Having a degree in your pocket just helps you to get interview calls but to excel in the interview and bag a job is a different story altogether.

After all, the job must align with your career goals but most importantly you must have an inclination for it. Your career must match with your interests or else it will become a burden for you that will cause more harm than good. To avoid any false start in your career, first, ascertain where your interest lies and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

The technical education provides the foundation for building your career but in which direction you must move depends on your interests in specific areas. If you start your career in the wrong direction, it will be so frustrating that you can hardly survive; forget about progressing.

Once you know which areas in the IT domain interests you, it helps to taper down your choices and it becomes easy to decide where to start from. You feel confident about your abilities and get motivated that helps to perform well and move ahead in your career.

Online EducationBe a specialist in your trade

The technical degree is just a general acknowledgment of your abilities but does not indicate things you can do best. You must find out what attracts you and then acquire specialized knowledge and training in the niche area so that you become an expert or specialist in that area.

Having formal education in some branch of IT like software development provides the support for developing your skills in some specific area depending on your interest.

If you want to gain expertise in some area that does not provide enough employment opportunities then no matter how good you might perform your career would never really take off. Try to identify areas that have good job prospects.

Carefully choosing your niche area of expertise is very important to drive your career in the right direction.

Gain recognition as a specialist

If the software is the prime operational area that interests you, then you must drill down further and make up your mind about being a specialist in one of the areas of cloud management and virtualization, data center virtualization, network virtualization, desktop, and mobility.

There is good demand for professionals in these upcoming areas and provides enough career opportunities that can make you prosper. To gain formal recognition as a professional in any of these areas, you must acquire a certificate awarded by some established organizations like VMware.

When you obtain a VMware certification after undergoing VMware training, it enhances your career prospects greatly. Employers attach due importance to the certificate awarded by VMware that upholds the professional competence of aspiring candidates.

It indicates that the candidate has the technical acumen to excel in fields like configuring networks, developing applications for mobiles and desktops and data manipulation.

Validate your skills and knowledge

VMware or other similar certification holds IT professionals in good stead and enhances the opportunities for progressing ahead in their career quickly. Indeed, the progress depends on the abilities of individuals, but the certification helps to gain quick recognition for their skills and abilities.

Any certification by a competent and renowned organization is a formal acknowledgment of the knowledge and skills of professionals in some specific area.

For example, when an employer appoints an IT professional with a certificate in application development, they know for sure that they are hiring the right person competent in app development.

Benefit for individuals and organizations

Certified IT staff is what most organizations prefer so that they are more than sure of employing the right person in the respective areas of work. Since the person has training and knowledge about the job, he or she starts delivering results from the first day and employers need not spend time and money for training them.

Assured productivity is what employers want right from the start for which they are keen to employ certified professionals.

The technical community too recognizes the value of certification that enables professionals to get the best deal when seeking employment and even for career advancement.

When you have a VMware certification, it tells the world that you are a competent IT professional capable of delivering results by using your skills in resolving complex issues related to IT infrastructure.

Certification is like a feather in your cap that figures among your list of professional achievements. That you are special as an IT professional becomes clear to employers and this enhances the job opportunities that aid fast career growth.

Enhanced business operations

By employing certified IT professionals, companies can build a strong workforce capable of delivering better results in business performance. The level of professionalism and expertise that certified professionals bring to the table gives more strength to organizations and motivates them to scale new heights for business development and growth.

Companies that employ certified professionals can gain access to a broader network of technical resources as the employee remains in touch with other certified professionals in the same field.

This helps to improve quality that helps organizations to beat the competition and stand out from the crowd. It becomes easy for organizations to impress its clients and customers about delivering value with the backing of certified professionals who are a notch above the rest.

Since world-renowned companies like Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, etc.  award the certifications or endorse it, it carries a lot of weight and value in the professional world. It shows that the certificate holder has gone through rigorous testing and training to earn the certificate that indeed underlines his or her capabilities to deliver better results than many others.

Being a certified IT professional will give you a tremendous advantage to stay ahead of the competition.