Proxy servers or proxies act as the gateways between users and the internet. Proxies have their own IP addresses that carry out your transactions for you to ensure their safety. See it this way, in personal relationships, proxies are delivery people. They get the package from your address and deliver it safely to the receiver’s place without going through the package.

This is a general sense of how web proxies work. Aside from a safer transaction, there are several reasons why users should use proxies while on the internet. Let’s get to know them one by one.

Why You Should Use Proxies While on the Internet

Protection and Anonymity



Banking on the promise of safety, web proxies have the capability to anonymize web traffic. With this feature, users automatically assume that proxies serve benefits for illegal transactions. However, that is not true.

The potential threats of hackers linger every day, especially in large corporations. Using proxies when conducting your research for new products or development will protect the information you are collecting from the eyes of these hackers. And even if they do track down your progress, you already have enough extra time to safekeep the data because they still have to go through the proxy’s walls.

Another concern that is avoided by using web proxies is malware. Web proxies along with the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) protect internal systems in companies. It helps validate transactions within the communication network. It double checks if the requests for certain sensitive data are authorized. Proxies also filter out spam or suspicious emails. So it can be a good practice to use best proxies with residential IP’s for a safe internet browsing.

Every transaction using the company email is checked and verified if the user has access to the resource that they have. This method secures external and internal transactions.

Faster Processing Period

Web proxies also help compress the load of web traffic. If ever you experience logging on to a website that keeps on crashing, try logging in through a web proxy. It loads faster and without hassle, unlike your initial experience.

Aside from compressing the load of the traffic, proxies also cache relevant pages and remove ads. As a result, it increases consumer satisfaction because of the seamless and smooth connection.

Customers who use proxies in accessing company websites also provide benefits for the company. With proxies, their experience with the site is better. This positive experience paints the company on a similarly positive note. It also increases the chance of recurring and loyal clients.

Provides Access to Resources

Websites with large data libraries store these data in separate clouds across the globe. Proxies can also access all of the website’s data across several cloud points around the world.

Simply put, the use of web residential proxies bypass geo-blocking. Proxy providers use residential proxies to workaround blockages and restrictions. Residential proxies are real IPs from all over the world. It enables the proxy user’s request to be seen and treated as a request from a particular residential IP from a different part of the world.

Proxies have the capability to circumvent restrictions imposed by government agencies or companies. Most proxy users use this feature the most. They connect to a residential proxy in another country to gain access to a restricted site in their home country. Some even use proxies to access more movies and shows in their Netflix subscription.

Control Internet Access and Usage

Web proxies are also the perfect tool to limit internet usage.

For companies, limiting their access to some sites provides a significant positive impact on their productivity during work hours. Most companies restrict access to social networking sites, except for employees who need to access these sites for marketing and advertising.

However, there are companies that do not limit access. Rather, they monitor and record all web requests. In this manner, they have a record of who accessed unnecessary sites during work hours and for how long. It is, then, up to the management to reprimand the employee.

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Proxies are also beneficial for parents who want to track the internet activity and exposure of their children. Without any restrictions, young children can access sites with content that is not suitable for them. Imposing restrictions for their internet use is a proactive measure. Parents cannot be at the side of their children to oversee their consumption at all times.

Restrictions also help them avoid dealing with sketchy sites that might endanger their personal information. It also helps avoid situations where the child discloses the credit card information of their parents to proceed with unauthorized purchases.

Lessens the Possibility of Getting Blocked

More sites are becoming warier of spam accounts. Even if all your transactions are legit but the bot tags your activity as spam, the site will automatically block your IP. But, when you use a web proxy in these transactions, this is unlikely to happen.

First of all, your transaction will be anonymous under the proxy. The site will not be able to track your personal IP. Secondly, you are still using legitimate residential IPs that spaces out the data flow. If you are still wary of being blocked, you can connect to different proxies from time to time to limit the use of each one.

Using different IPs when accessing restricted sites also avoids the hassles of getting blocked. The use of web proxies significantly impacts a user’s internet consumption experience.

Final Takeaways

As of recently, there are more negative implications to the use of web proxies rather than the positive ones. However, the positive benefits from it are outweighing the dangers that come with it. In reality, it actually lessens the dangers that lurk on the internet at all times.

The use of proxies provides protection that is sorely necessary for every transaction on the web. More than that, it provides an added blanket of anonymity that is beneficial to all users. It also circumvents restrictions that limit users the access to supposed universal data.

When used properly, web proxies are beneficial to companies, parents, school administrations, among others.