Building an amazing blog starts by choosing the right platform. However, there are only a handful number of platforms to choose from. For starters, you can create a website for your blog. A website will give you complete access to the content you are going to post. However, it requires a bit of preliminary work. To create your own website, you can use Wix or Squarespace. Moreover, you can join a blog writing service that will fulfil your ambition of writing blogs and help you earn some money.

Best Blogging Platforms

1. Wix. Com- Best for beginners

Wix is a terrific platform for a person with fledgling work experience as a blogger. The templates in Wix helps beginners to make their blog appear very professional without using coding or web development techniques. In addition, the platform is an extremely user-friendly and relatively simple learning curve.

The platform offers several different templates to choose from and also gives instructions to a new user for creating a blog. The customer service of Wix is also amazing. It is available 24×7. The website also has several articles providing knowledge to solve issues when stuck.

2. WordPress with Bluehost hosting

WordPress is a brilliant tool for building highly scalable and customizable blogs. WordPress is the most famous platform out there. One of the reasons for its popularity amongst the blogger is the presence of an effective content management system for bloggers who desire to make their own website.

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Moreover, word-press is open source. That means the company doesn’t keep its source code hidden. Thus it gives freedom to the users to create any kind of plugins, buttons, widgets, etc., for their blogs.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace is a website best suited for bloggers from the world of photography, arts, and designing. Whenever you open their website, their landing page is so beautiful that it will catch all your attention. Editing different pages such as about us, contact us, the home page, portfolio, etc., on Squarespace is very easy. Similar to Wix, there is a drag and drop option to place widgets. Moreover, similar to WordPress, the users don’t need to use the confusing backend editor.

Moreover, Squarespace also gives an option to add an E-commerce section along with a newsletter integration feature. This feature can provide profitability and audience growth for your blog.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is best for establishing a formidable network with top leaders and influencers in various industries. LinkedIn provides an audience from different fields such as HR, marketing, finance, technology, and many more. Many top leaders and influencers are highly active on LinkedIn. They frequently share their ideas on different issues via the LinkedIn feed. Therefore, LinkedIn is the best place for people planning to establish themselves as a potent leader in their business space.

LinkedIn is social networking website. Therefore, your audience increase in the proportion of the growth of your network. Hence, the more posts a person publishes, the higher the chances of attracting more connection requests and followers.