ExtraTorrent without any kind of doubt is the most popular and used torrent you have ever seen. ExtraTorrent became a legendary website that had billions of data that used to exhibited before the user by only typing a few words in the search box just like the google search engine.

The torrent users felt free to explore ExtraTorrent and search for their desired content as they used to to do in Google. The search suggestion was also very helpful for both new and old users.

The life cycle of Torrent is something like, getting live on the internet, serve the people with it best, survive as long as you can.

Torrent is something where you can find even those files which you can’t even find on YouTube.

Many torrent sites come and go, only a few can survive and make huge fans and followers.

It is for sure, if a torrent site can mage to survive for along time, and can maintain the quality of the contents they share on their site, then they will get a huge amount of followers. Because people love to get paid content for free.

ExtraTorrent was such kind of torrent site that could reach the highest level of popularity, but, on May 17, 2017, it shut its door in the face of millions of fans.

From then, there’s a notice hanged on the homepage of ExtraTorrent as an official declaration, which clearly says that ExtraTorrents is shut down with no chance of return.

All those fans that ExtarTorrent had, also understood the message and started searching for an alternative. It is kind of difficult for a lot of people to find the best alternative. So we started the research and found some best sites for you guys.

Below is the list presented for you.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest and probably the best torrent after ExtraTorrent which provides the latest movies, songs, files, and Software.

The biggest reason a torrent site can not survive is the Copyright Watchdog and piracy law of any certain country, especially the one in where the torrent site is hosted.

No wonder that The Pirate Bay is also getting this type of attack from the countries that do not support piracy or piracy is illegal to them.

They are also fighting with the law force. And, proud to mention, they are still alive and serving like hell.

From the beginning, The Pirate Bay is the supreme leader of all torrent sites giving us access to millions of movies, music, songs, files, and Software free of cost.



After The Pirate Bay, the IsoHunt is the best stand to stop for the torrent lovers.

Just like the other popular torrent sites, IsoHunt also had to go through the laws force and legal situation. And the journey was not that much easy. They were forced to pay $110 million after losing a legal clash with MPAA.

However, they came back and standing still on the web with a new name and domain.

People downloads movies, software, music tracks, animes, and files from here.

Though, the design of the homepage is not so good to look at. But, people love it so much because of the availability of every kind of stuff a torrent lover would want.


LimeTorrent is a great torrent website that has a large collection of torrent stuff divided into some well-placed categories. You won’t find any of its files hosted directly in the LimeTorrent.

Previously, it had a simple, easy to use, neat and clean homepage. But recently, LimeTorrent had upgraded its homepage where the buttons have grown bigger in the categories. They are also sleek to watch. The buttons are so much attractive that they grow the attention of every visitor in LimeTorrent.

Downloading movies, ebooks, apps and software, music tracks from here is easy like nothing else.



Anyone may get access to millions of paid files via torrent sites. But most of them get uploaded after days.

But there one popular torrent website that uploads the latest movies, music tracks, softeare just after they get released from the original creator or company. And that torrent is RARBG.

With a clean and clear, neat and clean user-friendly interface, RARBG is one of the best torrent sites you will ever get.

The clean design also helps the users to explore and torrent in the site.

Apart from, downloading movies and music, a torrenting fan can get news, reviews, TV shows, reports, games, ebooks etc. in one place.

Worldwide Torrents

Worldwide Torrents is mainly a community type site. From where you can get movies, TV series, TV shows, games and books literally listed from ExtraTorrents.

Pointing to its name, it has everything a torrent lover can search for.

That can be movies, music, games, software, apps, or anything that is found on the internet.

It also has an active forum where the Worldwide Torrents users gather among themselves and discuss everything related to torrent and become friends with each other.


Zooqle is a non-profit which lets paid files to be indexed in it.

Its homepage is super organized.

On the homepage, the grid layout is so much user-friendly that it has the most downloaded seeds, most searched contents and recently added contents listed in a very simple and easy to use way.

Just like any other torrent, you can get every kind of torrents files to download from here.


TorLock has simply listed all the movies found from ExtraTorrents.

That means you can get every movie from ExtraTorrents in one place.

Despite having this much movie collection, a lot of people mainly go there only to watch TV series.

High-quality Torrents and magnet links are available here to download. Anyone can come here and get access to all these files.

The site has a good collection of movies, music tracks, apps, and software, ebooks, games, etc.

Proud to mention that the site has a hundred percent verified torrent uploading system. By which it ensures that the files which are uploading her eare the genuine files.

Even if any user can found any fake file or torrent, then the user will be rewarded with $1.