Are you looking for the best Twitter video downloader tools or sites so that you can grab all the amazing videos? In the article I will share some best twitter video downloader apps and sites for helping those people who do not know how they can save their favorite videos? Let’s briefly review twitter. ​​​​

As we know that Twitter is the social media site in which people interact with each other in the form of tweets, videos, and GIFS. the videos and Gifs are very common on social media sites including twitter. ​​

The videos become a major trend on twitter, both the advertisement companies and regular users. The problems which most people faced are that we cannot download the videos and gifs.

How can we save and download the video from Twitter and other social media sites?

Many people think that we cannot download the videos from twitter like my friend believed that we cannot download twitter videos, so I tell her that it is true, we cannot save twitter videos but only when we want to save it directly from the twitter.

Twitter does not provide an option to download but still, there are some easy ways that help us to save our favorite twitter app. I shared those ways with my friend and it helps her. So I also share these best twitter video downloaders (tools/sites) with you. I hope that these procedures in some way help you to download the videos GIFS etc.

Best Twitter Video

What are the methods that help you to save the videos?

I shared some simple methods that help you to get your favorite videos.
For android users.

1. Online sites.
If you really want to download the video, so this is the right site. Things are a little easier for Android users thanks to the one site. With this site, you just need the URL of the tweet that has the video. There are very simple steps that you follow to download the videos from twitter:

1. Open the Twitter app. Searched the video that you want to save from twitter.
2. Click on the three dots. Click on the share button.
3. Select a copy of the link of tweet. The link will be directly copied in your device clipboard.
4. Open the chrome. Go to the website
5. Press and paste the link in the field box.
6. Then choose the resolution and quality format of the video. Click the download button.
7. The video starts downloading on your phone or pc.

Why use this site?

  • Free to use
  • No complex procedures.
  • No privacy and copyright issues.
  • Also provide services to download the video from Instagram, Facebook, etc.

2. For iPhone users.
The iPhone and iOS users used the file viewer Documents by Readdle to download videos from Twitter.

1. Open the Twitter app. Searched the video you’re interested in, and click the share button. Tap Share Tweet via and then click Copy link.
2. Now go to app and click the compressed icon to the lower right to launch the integrated browser.
3. Visit the online site using the document by raddle app’s built-in web browser and paste the URL you are previously copied.
4. Click the download button. The video will start to download on your computer.

For the Mac and Windows PC

Follow the following steps
1. Open Twitter on your computer.
2. Next, you need to find the video which you want to download.
3. Click on the arrow located at the top right corner of tweet.
4. Next, select Copy link to Tweet from the menu. Select Copy and copy the link as usual (Ctrl +C).
5. Go to the savetweetvid and then paste the link in field box.
6. Under the field box, paste the link under and click on the Download.
7. Click on Download Video and video starts to download.

That’s it!

You have successfully downloaded the Twitter video on your computer. Go ahead and watch it. I am aware that this is not the perfect solution to download Twitter videos on the phone and some people face difficulty, but I always tried my best to share a very simple method with you.