When you search for a good hosting service to host your website or web application, you will have multiple options ranging from cheap to premium. Depending on your specific needs, the option you will choose will vary. Knowing which one to choose is essential, and if you are someone who needs resilience, resources, security, and speed, a dedicated web server is the one you should choose.

A dedicated server is often much faster, it is more secure, and its management is proper. It also provides you with premium tools to manage your server and troubleshoot issues when and if they arise. In addition, these dedicated web host servers often offer things like analytical tools and other essentials, allowing you to grow your business more efficiently.

Advantages Of Dedicated Web Servers

Any company or organization looking to have more power or control will opt for a provider who provides a dedicated server as the server is maintained by professionals employed under the provider, and it cuts down on cost. On that note, let’s take a peek into the advantages that a dedicated server provides.

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Dedicated hosting gives you full control of your server. This is perhaps one of the most widely held benefits of a server like this. You are the one who decides which tool you will use or the applications you will run as long as the hosting provider is able to service them.

Security and High performance

You want to opt for a dedicated hosting provider to maximize your application or website uptime. Why? Because servers like these (dedicated ones) are high on their reliability and stability in contrast to the shared hosting servers. More on, it also ensures that you are not sharing your server or space with spammers or some form of malicious software. The availabilityof enhanced security is another plus point. It is yet another reason why dedicated servers havebecome so crucial for organizations and companies that make transactions over SSL or FTP. Dedicated servers that are top tier, HOSTKEY, for example, come with fantastic customer support and deal with impromptu issues, failures, or complaints diligently.

Unshared Resources

As mentioned earlier, dedicated servers are unshared spaces where a company or organization gets free reign over the entire space. When you opt for a dedicated server, you receive all the server’s resources, and your server does not slow down since no other users are using or sharing your server. This prevents clogs, bottlenecks, and overloads on the CPU and RAM. In essence, you receive the total bandwidth of the server.

High Flexibility

Since you get the option to customize your server, a dedicated server often provides a lot moreflexibility when compared to a shared server. You are able to customize and modify as per the requirements of your clients. Things like RAM, CPU, and Disk usage can be specified, providing you with a customizable server environment.

Auto Maintenance

If a company doesn’t have the time or the resources to manage a server, then a dedicated server is preferable. Dedicated hosting provides you with a low-cost way to gain access to the resources within a server.

How To Choose The Right Dedicated Server hosting Plan?

There are a lot of providers who provide hosting services, and not all of their services are up to mark. When choosing a dedicated server, the pricing is usually a little higher as they are a premium service and companies who are serious about their businesses tend to go for a dedicated server that necessities the that they choose the right provider that’s up to expectations. A good dedicated server host provider aids the user to quench the requirements for programming while also providing excellent security.

When choosing a dedicated server host, make sure that the hardware is up to mark. Currently, DD4 RAMS are the latest, and you should be choosing a provider who uses the latest hardware. However, for RAMS, DD3 and ECC are also options, but DD4 super exceeds both. Next, check the CPU configuration to see if the benchmark performance is superior to its competitors. This is where knowledge about the different types of processors like Xeon, Opteron, and Atom comes in handy. If you are unsure about what the differences are, a quick Google search will give you the bare-bones basics.

Ensuring that you are choosing the proper bandwidth and whether your provider is able to meet your requirements. Choosing the right data center as well as the bandwidth is crucial to avoid bottlenecks.

It would help if you chose such a dedicated host provider that allows you to provide technical support to your clients.


Any business or individual that opts for dedicated servers wants the best hardware at the most affordable price. However, not all affordable servers are good ones, and choosing the right provider with a good track record is important; otherwise, the business might be affected negatively. While shared hosting saves on price, dedicated hosting provides more control and convenience.