Using WordPress to create a website is not something new; this has been in trend for years now, and this in itself declares that it stands amongst the top preferred choices amongst web developers. Several valid reasons why site owners prefer making a switch to WordPress from a currently being used platform depend on what they expect from the end product.

One of the most prevalent myths that we would like to burst here before the benefits of WordPress is explained is that it is not only a blogging platform. It is a robust CMS that has evolved since it was launched years back.

WordPress is used to create different types of websites due to its flexibility, and if we go by the current stats, around 34% of the sites on the Internet use it, which defines the popularity. Now let us go through some factual reasons that make WordPress stand as a preferred website development platform.

  1. WordPress is entirely free; it can be downloaded from the web and modified to fit into one’s needs; only a domain name is required to host the site.
  2. The next valid reason that makes WordPress so popular is that it is highly customizable; with so many plug-ins and themes at their disposal, developers can easily carve out the site they require, no matter a shopping portal or a business website.
  3. WordPress gives superb SEO support and results. With the competition out there on the Internet, going with a CMS such as WordPress promises comprehensive SEO support. The reason is that the code generates semantic markup, which is what search engines love.
  4. To update a site that is made using WordPress, nothing much needs to be done apart from regular updates. For this, no specialist or website developer needs to be hired; as soon as the notification arrives on the dashboard, the update can be made by the admin.

Not to forget, WordPress is safe as it has been designed with the element of security in mind, and the same can be augmented by making some tweaks in the security program.

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WordPress Vs Wix- A Quick Comparison

When trying to find a better website development platform, the comparison of WordPress vs Wix indeed gave many a tough time, so we have compared these on all essential parameters.

  1.   Pricing: The total price to run a site is the most critical factor, so it is essential to compare with all key factors in mind. Starting with Wix, it is free but with a downside that it adds lots of branded ads and also that the site owner cannot choose any custom domain, which means he needs to pay for both of these. On the other hand, WordPress is free with no add-on costs apart from a hosting domain, which makes it win here.
  2. Ease of Use: With simple drag and drop tools, Wix looks like an exciting option for beginners, while on the other hand, the functionality of WordPress is advanced and has all the required features to come out with a killer-looking site. So, if looking for a fully customized site, WordPress needs to be the choice.
  3.   Site Design & Layout: Well, to be precise, the site’s overall design plays a vital role in its success and this is why the focus is always on a design that stands user-friendly. Wix has only design layouts, whereas, on the other hand, WordPress has so many customizable themes and plug-ins, allowing site developers to come out with any user engaging design without any restrictions.

So, the comparison of WordPress vs Wix clearly states that WordPress stands as a far better choice.

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Follow These Steps To Hire WordPress Developer

A planned approach needs to be followed to hire a WordPress developer as with so many choices; the end pick might become overwhelming. Before the hunt for an expert developer begins, it would be an excellent idea to decide on the budget as then the cost comparison will become easy.

  1. a) Ensure that the developer you hire has enough expertise to craft a tailor-made site to fit the requirements.
  2. b) The developer needs to have enough experience in SEO as then only a marketable site will be delivered.
  3. c) Do not go in for those developers that offer jaw-dropping discounts as they usually do not have the right amount of experience required to create a customizable site.
  4. d) Prefer going for a developer that charges a flat rate as with this, the work will get finished while staying within the budget.

Lastly, take time and review the portfolios of shortlisted developers to reach out to the best one at the end.