When Instagram was born, the numbers it managed to do in the short term were sensational, even today it manages to keep up with new social networks that have great success, obviously when we talk again we immediately think of Tik Tok, but we will talk about this in another moment. Instagram is a social network with spectacular numbers, a place where not only meals are shared, but much more.

With a social network strategy, you can be able to make the most of this social network and reach the main goal: to increase real followers and likes on Instagram.

Most likely you have also wondered, like me, how it was possible to increase Instagram followers, that is, why so many users have thousands of followers even if the contents are really bad? Are they using any followers app to increase follower number? So I investigated and discovered many interesting things. Surely among the most important we find the engagement in the first hour of publication of your photo, in fact if in this period you manage to get a good number of interactions (comments, likes, saving the photo, sharing, etc.) you could be able to improve the reach organic of that content. Obviously, more visibility, if your content is good (we will see the importance of the content later) it can translate into more followers on Instagram. But there is one other way that allows you to get free followers on Instagram and free Instagram likes in no time.

The way we’re talking about is using an Instagram followers mod apk. This application accommodates mutually beneficial activities among its users. The activity in question is to follow and like each other in exchange for coins. For more details, you are obliged to follow and like the Instagram accounts of other application users to get coins. These coins can later be exchanged for free Instagram followers and likes. There are several such applications on the market, but the most well-known is Followers Gallery. Followers Gallery is supported by professionals in the IT field so it is safe to use.


How to get free Instagram followers and likes with this Instagram followers mod apk?

1. Download the application on your Android phone or iPhone.

2. Open and register. No need to enter your Instagram passwod.

3. After registering, start looking for coins by following and liking the Instagram accounts of other Followers Gallery users.


Very easy and simple. No IT skills and experience are required. I really like the concept that Followers Gallery uses in distributing followers and likes to its users because every follower and like distributed is REAL. There is no robot account involved in this system. How about checking the followers? Don’t worry as Followers Gallery provides an Instagram follower counter.

One more thing, Followers Gallery also provides support at any time (24 hours a day and 7 days a week) to each user. That means anytime you run into a problem with the system, you will be taken care of right away. I’m a Followers Gallery user and so far I have been able to increase the number of real Instagram followers and likes safely without any “side effects.”