If you have multiple Instagram accounts, perhaps you already know that it can be hard to manage all of them simultaneously. Think about this, you need to make sure that your account is engaging.

And, commenting and liking your followers’ posts are tasks that can take up most of your day. For this reason, many people prefer automating their Instagram accounts by using Instagram bots. This article discusses how the algorithm affects Instagram automation.

Instagram Automation

What algorithm means for Instagram automation

In the past, it was simple to have success on Instagram because you could simple Google and purchase Instagram followers. This was because the Instagram algorithm used to be less complicated compared to the current one. Recently, Instagram has made some changes to its algorithm, they have even introduced the shadowban, and deletes fake followers.

Unfortunately, no one understands how this new algorithm works as Instagram hasn’t revealed it yet. But it appears that Instagram favors engagement, such as comments, likes, DMs, and story views, so the follower counts are not that significant anymore.

Instagram Promo

With the change in the timeline from chronological to the recent one, it means every new post that you create can be seen by your real followers first. Therefore, if they engage with the post, then Instagram can show it to the rest of your followers.

The catch is if you purchased followers, likely, they may not comment or like your post. If there is no engagement, the platform will consider your posts as worthless even to show to your loyal followers. As a result, your posts will be archived within the timeline and perhaps never to be seen again.

The truth is that in this way, your Instagram account can be affected and may never have any future growth. As you can see, you need Instagram bots to ensure that your posts engage with your followers.

What an Instagram bot can do

Instagram bots can make your internet promotions far much easier. All that you need is to create the right actions you want your Instagram bot to do, and just leave it to perform. You can use automation bots for following back, unfollowing, commenting on posts, and liking.

In this way, your Instagram page will be more engaging and you can have genuine engagement in return. This is where the Instagram algorithm comes in handy as they love this. There are certain settings on various Instagram bots that differ, but they usually all perform the same tasks.

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You can also decide to target random audiences, though it might not give you satisfying results. So you need to change the configurations and perhaps target a specific group of audience.

For example, you can change the settings on your Instagram comment bot to engage with the audience according to their gender, location, or based on the people they follow. Also, you can target posts that are based on hashtags or even target people who follow your competitors.

Remember that using Instagram bots can save you time and effort. Best of all, you don’t need to be online all the time as you grow the follower and like count.