Internet Protocol telephony comprises of the technologies which uses Internet Protocol’s connection to establish a connection between customers. They are used to exchange fax, voice, video calls or the information which was being shared through the public switched telephone network (PSTN) in the past. By using the internet, tolls of the PSTN are avoided while sharing the data. It’s a challenge for the IP telephony to share the data of voice, video or fax smoothly without any complexities. In short IP telephony means making calls through the internet and not using the traditional landline services available. It is used for electronic transmission of data among the people. IP’s usage had been started in 1990’s. Local telephone companies use IP telephony. Companies of cable television network also use IP telephony. It is also used by Long distance providers for instance AT&T, fixed service wireless operators and internet service providers (ISPs).

Traditional phone service is being regulated by the Government but this is not the case with IP telephony. The governments do not wish to regulate the connection of IP telephony users at present and not in the future as well.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has been used to standardize IP telephony. It’s an effort to converge information of telephones, computers and television in one place. Nowadays computers are also used to establish the calls, this is called computer-telephony integration. The world is changing, so does the ways of contacting others. If anyone wants to work from home, he can bring home his IP phone from his office and he’ll be able to work by staying in a remote area. Anyone can benefit from VoIP’s technology and can work from home easily. By using a business telephone number, one can page coworkers, extensions can be dialed and he can receive or transfer the calls with comfort of his home. Skype, Face Time Audio and other apps like them  all use VoIP for establishing calls between the customers, not by using cellular phone service.

The benefit of using IP is that in order to establish a long-distance call you just need an internet connection, and that will not be very costly at all.  There is no hidden fee of IP but you would have to pay for the internet connection merely. On the other hand, if you will use landline connection services, they will cost you a big amount for that.

You can also use free-VoIP. In which you will be given a number at which you can receive call from anywhere in the world and that would be free of cost. Because of its low cost feature, businesses are using VoIP rather than copper-wire telephone systems. Their monthly phone costs became lowered due to VoIP usage.

Signaling and Transport are two protocols usually used by IP telephony. You can do multi-tasking on your device while using VoIP features. While you are in a call with a client, you can check your emails in your inbox. You can forward any voice message to different clients or colleagues at the same time. It will not only save you time and energy, but will also save you money. Life has become easier through such innovative advancements in technology. You can always manage conference calls through VoIP with just a click. It can go with you wherever you go. You can talk to your clients face-to-face and you can hold meetings by making video conference calls easily on your device. On the contrary, it would have been much difficult if you would have been used a traditional telephone system. You can always forward calls or important documents to your clients on your way back to home or while you are travelling to some remote place. You can include the important coworkers in your conference call who are not in office or are away and also when you are outside the office scenario. can be used and accessed internationally.

Although call making and forwarding has become very convenient by using VoIP but it can become a headache if your internet stops working. It’s not that reliable in this case. The quality of calls may differ from one internet connection to another. Those business corporations or companies which control and maintain their internet connection’s quality and efficiency, can have much more benefits than those companies who don’t have control over it.

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IP phones are developed to work with VoIP services. These phones can be used in offices and home-based businesses. They are developed in such ways that they can handle VoIP calls by using android technology.  They are of different brands which are available in market. Fixed VoIP phones are attached to a particular location or business and are more secure. On the other hand non-fixed VoIP phones are not attached to a particular location, office or home- based business. They can be used and accessed internationally.

If you are establishing a new business, you’ll have to take a wise decision with regards to the technologies which are going to be inculcated. They will benefit you more and of course everybody wants benefits by taking cost-effective measures, nobody wants any kind of loss. In short, VoIP services are best to adopt but the choice will always remain yours.

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