Posting in an optimized way is very useful, but to have a consistent impact you need to make your brand known to a wider audience, appearing in the posts of important and highly followed accounts. But how to do it? Contrary to the tactics above, this strategy is not free. However, when done correctly, the return on investment can be great. Following the methods, you will get free Instagram followers.

Instagram Marketing and How It Is Advantageous for Small Businesses

List of influencers

To get started, you’ll need to compile a list of the most important accounts in your niche. For example, if you sell beauty products, you will need to find the most important and influential bloggers and bloggers in that industry.

Maybe you are already following them, otherwise you will need to find and follow them.

It is important to make sure that the following elements are present in this type of profiles: Lots of Instagram followers free, usually between 20,000 and 200,000.

The presence of an email address in the profile

If there is an email address in the profile , in fact, it means that this Instagrammer is interested in sponsored posts. Just write them an email and ask for the price of a sponsored post. In general, the average price is around $ 20- $ 50 per post, depending on the amount of followers. However, if you are selling a unique and original product, you might also consider sending a free sample of your product, asking for a review and post in return. It is necessary for the image to appear as natural as possible, as opposed to an advertising image, to get more engagement and favorable reactions.

To find out in more detail how to proceed, take a look at our basic guide to influencer marketing  on Instagram.

Instagram Promo

Geolocate the posts

In addition to hashtags, another way to make your Instagram posts and stories more visible is to geolocate the location, i.e. enter the city where you are or the place where the photo or video was taken. If you want to get free Instagram likes on your posts, you can try to use GetInsta.

Places not only have their own unique Instagram feed, but also a personalized story; moreover, by using the location sticker, all users looking for localized content will also see yours.

Geolocate Instagram posts

Local businesses can get the most benefit from geotags by using them regularly and interacting with potential customers who are nearby.

Take advantage of the creative tools of Instagram

Although born as a social network for sharing photos, Instagram has radically evolved over the years, and today it is a real collector of creative content. Among the tools you can use to increase Instagram followers and increase engagement with your audience are Instagram Stories , IGTV Videos, and Instagram Reels Short Movies. Many users choose growth services like Growthoid to boost their Instagram profile.

If you are concerned, is Growthoid a scam app? You may visit the Growthoid website and read the review to understand in depth.

Furthermore, if you manage an e-commerce business, with Shopify you have the possibility to easily integrate Facebook Shops , a function that allows you to create a personalized showcase of your shop directly accessible from Instagram.


Follow trends and recurrences

When the opportunity presents itself, try to post content in line with trending themes and topics using relevant hashtags to make your content easily searchable and increase engagement.

The rule to follow is to participate in the conversation in a meaningful way. If you’re unsure about posting, ask yourself: Will my audience actually pay attention to this content?