Update before the Attack of the KRACKen

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On October 16, Mathy Vanhoef, a security expert at Belgian university KU Leuven, discovered a weakness in the most commonly used wireless security protocol, WPA2 called Key Reinstallation AttaCK, also known as, “KRACK“.

This is significant because WPA2 is widely used to secure Wi-Fi connections. The discovered weaknesses are in the WPA2 Wi-Fi standard itself, and not in individual products or implementations. Therefore, any correct implementation of WPA2 is likely affected.

wifiThe vulnerability, dubbed “KRACKs” (Key Reinstallation AttaCKs), is actually a group of multiple vulnerabilities that when successfully exploited, could allow attackers to intercept and steal data transmitted across a Wi-Fi network. Digital personal information that is transmitted over the Internet or stored on your connected devices – such as your driver’s license number, Social Security number, credit card numbers, and more – could be vulnerable.

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