We’re excited to introduce Nexcess Safe Harbor, another top-rated product you can use for E-commerce and boost your earnings this year amidst all that’s happening Worldwide.

What is Safe Harbor?

As you’ve probably heard the end-of-life for Magento 1 is June 30th, 2020. After that date, there will be no more security patches or updates for Magento 1. If you don’t take any action your store will be vulnerable and could be taken down by malicious actors.

Nexcess Magento

Safe Habor will allow our customers to stay on Magento 1 after end-of-life by providing security and technology updates through the end of 2021. We do all this for a small monthly fee added to an existing plan.

Why does this matter?

Magento powers over 250,000 online stores. This is a huge portion of the internet that will be negatively impacted when they are forced to migrate their site to Magento 2 in a short amount of time. See more Magento Stats and infographics here.

Power your eCommerce with rich out-of-the-box features, an unrivaled ability to customize, and seamless third-party integrations. With a global ecosystem of implementation partners, and a vast marketplace of extensions, you can create the exact shopping experience your customers want.

NexcessHiring someone to perform a migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. Considering the impact of these costs on merchants, it’s easy to understand why many have been hesitant to make their next move. Safe Harbor gives them time to evaluate their decisions before they are rushed into spending such a large amount on migration.

Want more info?

Check out these videos by Chris Lema about our new Safe Harbor product.


Created by experts in Magento hosting, Safe Harbor provides malware detection and threat monitoring for your store after Magento 1 reaches End of Life. Ensure your Magento 1 stores are protected long past June 2020 by taking Safe Harbor.