When it comes to picking the framework or specific solutions for developing or overhauling your cherished ecommerce website, it is better to trust an experienced developer and do as he or she says. Yet before trusting that developer, you should find one, and at this point the basic understanding of available development options comes in handy.

If you are a mid-size business that needs a new site or a major repair to the existing one, you should look for low cost and high-speed development solutions that will work well both on the web and on the mobile. Your choice is then narrowing down to PHP, Java, Python and Ruby on Rails.

Furthermore, if you want to save costs, do it fast and yet have a chic looking site with excellent performance, look closer at PHP and opportunities it offers.

It means that you should partner with a PHP-experienced team like sapient.pro that will understand what you need and translate it into the optimal solutions for your business growth and customer satisfaction.


Key Advantages of PHP

PHP is a programming language and a server side solution, which means that the bulk of computations and data processing will happen on the server side, and the capacity of a customer’s device won’t impact site productivity.

PHP is also an open source solution (read: free of charge), with a wide community and documentation enabling fast solving of the trickiest issues.

Finally, PHP includes a set of flexible and powerful frameworks like Simfony and Laravel that match various ecommerce goals perfectly and at the same time streamline development.

A good Symphony or Laravel development team will tell you that building with frameworks is like building with code Lego: you see in advance what bits you are manipulating and what the construction result will be. No coding from scratch is required, which is highly time- and cost-efficient.

Nuanced Solutions PHP Offers for Business

Yet why use PHP for ecommerce in particular? What is so special about this language?

Its specifications can be expressed through ‘Triple S’:  Speed, security and smartness.

1)    As mentioned, PHP is a server side language, and it is based on HTML, so it is great for creation of light but efficient web pages that are superfast and dynamic. They are crafted to operate on the go, and so they are excellent for shoppers who want to buy something while drinking their coffee in the street or during their lunchtime.

2)    Since your goal is both web and mobile customer’s segment, you need your site to perform well both on desktop and mobile. PHP is excellent for creation of responsive pages and websites. This development is lead with all recent best practices and precautions, and security options are enhanced and embedded in PHP frameworks by default. Two-steps authentication, logins and session maintenance are implemented  in PHP ecommerce excellently, so if you look for additional security, go PHP.

3)    PHP is a second name for great database handling. MySQL may have become a basis for jokes and pun, but it is still among the best databases that are available. And PHP is the best way to harness it, because it was built like that. Even if you need to implement database handling in another language, realization through PHP is yet the best option.

4)    CMS. If you have ever had a blog or built your own site on WordPress, you know what PHP can do. It is a great way to build a content management system that will meet your particular needs and still be working according to the best practices.

5)    Great for building analytics system. Business needs constant analysis of everything, and PHP offers an excellent tool for gaining the valuable insights into your operations and challenges.

So if you plan this strategic move of renovating your website, trust the team with ample experience in PHP and successful projects under their belts, like us. Then your refurbishment will really bring your sales to another level, in positive sense.