There has been a long competition between Java and Python to be the greatest and the most widely utilized coding language. What makes it even more exciting is that these languages are continuously changing. In this article, we are going to single out the peculiarities of utilizing them for web development. We are also going to deal with the comparison of Python vs. Java for web development.

Beyond any doubt, Java has immense popularity for web app development. But the rapidly increasing demand for Python is a threat to it. Python is making a great effort to offer the most efficient services. Statistics show they are among the top-level languages along with HTML and PHP in 2020.

If you are wondering the answer to the question “Is Python better than Java in 2020?” this article will be beneficial for you. Let’s start by taking a more detailed look at the important characteristics of Java and Python in web development.

The pros of Java

Here are the key advantages that make web developers choose Java over other programming languages.


Independence from platform

You may change platforms during the web application development process, and it won’t affect the result. Java has an exceptional ability to relocate from one platform to another. Cross-platform web application development is a crucial feature. Developers can create code and try it on various desktop and mobile systems. To know more about Java, it’s recommended you go for Java certification today and become certified.


Java has continuously been improving over the years. Now it is an extremely stable language. This stability and predictability enable producing desired results in a definite time.

Developer community support

Java has a large and highly supportive developer community. If you are just a beginner, you can easily find help. The developers often take part in discussions and inform each other about the latest updates. You may effortlessly solve even complicated problems with the assistance of community support.


You can deal with numerous tasks in one program at the same time. Its highlight is multithreaded programming. It is especially important for visual or network programming.

Compiled language

The written programs are composed in JVM (Java Virtual Machine), and the compiled code is a bytecode. Such code is independent of the platform. It can work on any machine if there is a built-in Java interpreter. The compilation only has to be performed one time. The created bytecode will be able to operate on any platform.

Object-oriented coding

Java is an object-oriented coding language. This peculiarity enables web app developers to build modular programs and create codes that may be used many times. This feature is time- and effort-saving as it optimizes the process.

Among the big names that prefer Java for web application development are:

  • Google
  • Uber
  • Slack
  • Netflix
  • Spotify

Java disadvantages

  • If comparing web application development on Java vs. Python, Java is more challenging to work with.
  • It is a single-paradigm language.
  • When the garbage collector operates to manage the memory, it influences the app’s performance.

The pros of Python

Now let’s dive into the main pros of employing Python for web app development.


Third-party modules

These modules are available with the Packaging Index of Python. This feature allows interaction with other languages and dev platforms.

Huge libraries

Python has extensive libraries that enhance the overall performance and make writing a code even easier. It provides libraries on:

  • built-in features
  • file formatting
  • custom interpretations

And you can find information about many other things in Python libraries, especially if you are a beginner and need help.

Easy to learn

Python’s syntax is not rocket science at all. Even junior programmers who lack experience can deal with it easily. The guidelines for code style are clear. To make code formatting even easier, Python has an extensive set of rules for it.

High performance

Python has top-notch tools for process control and text processing. Moreover, you can test your project in its special framework. It all makes Python a highly productive language.

Open source and developer community

The Python developer community is one of the most active ones. It is constantly growing and provides a considerable amount of assistance to beginner developers whenever there is a problem.


It is a highly scalable language that fits any project, involving web backend, database apps, network and server-based apps, and prototypes. You may customize it to the requirements of your particular project.

Here are the companies that employ Python coding language:

  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • IBM

Python disadvantages

Web development with Python has some disadvantages:

  • high memory consumption;
  • need for more thorough testing;
  • not the best option for mobile development.

Java or Python for web development: Which one is the best choice in 2021?

We can’t give a definitive answer for which one is the best choice for your project. But we can single out the key differences between them.


Python’s syntax is completely different from Java’s syntax. Python is dynamically typed, whereas Java is a statistically typed one. Writing code with Python is clear for beginners. You don’t need to define variable types—a built-in interpreter will do it for you, and the checking is performed at operating time. The syntax is similar to the English language.

On the contrary, Java follows the strict rules of syntax. Developers need to define the variable types clearly. This is not a simple task for beginner programmers.


These languages have long been competitors. Currently, Python is more widely utilized than Java, but according to the statistics, they are in close positions. The increasing popularity of Python lets us assume that it will be more successful than Java in 2021.

Job opportunities

There are lots of opportunities for both programming languages. If you have decent expertise in either of them, you can easily find a good job opportunity. But the increasing demand for Python makes this language a better one to study.


When selecting which language to choose, it comes down to whichever is the most beneficial for your project. Hopefully, our article helped you realize the difference between web development in Java vs. Python. Now you can choose more wisely, which one is more suitable for you.