Technology has revolutionized the world. The advancement in technology has changed human lives. It has a great impact on every sphere of life from flying an airplane to using a needle to stitch your button. Businesses have improved and grown rapidly due to technology. Communication has taken a new shape as it has become simple to communicate and interact with other people around the globe.

An effective paper about technology requires clarity, precision, and consistency in the thoughts and ideas that you want to present in your paper. The other thing that you need to keep in mind is the comprehension and understanding of the paper by the audience.

As a student, you may be required to write an essay or paper on any subject and is a great place to receive advice. The following are a few tips to write an effective paper about technology that you need to know.


  • Select a topic that is not only familiar but also not difficult to handle. A topic is mandatory to write something specific as writing on technology, in general, is too broad to cover in a topic. One of the examples of the topic can be writing on the impact of modern technology on society.
  • You need to conduct extensive research. Proper research for the topic allows you to gather a lot of information that you can include in your paper. Research also enhances your knowledge to write an effective research paper.
  • You need to avoid mixing up your point in the essay. A solution to organize points in the essay using a mind map. Through a mind map, you can also look at information quickly to be more comfortable with your research work.
  • An outline is key for an effective paper on technology. It is a rough draft of your research paper. It makes systematic flow possible for your essay. An outline is about having information ready and simplification of the writing process.
  • A proper Structure is what makes a paper effective and simple. The introduction is the first thing in a paper that provides a briefing about what to expect in the paper. A proper and detailed introduction is key for a paper on technology.
  • Once you are done with the introduction of the paper the next step is to have a clear and concise thesis statement. The thesis statement is the central argument of a paper on technology. The thesis statement is also considered the part of the introduction but is usually written in its last paragraph. The thesis statement helps you to develop strong body paragraphs of the essay.
  • The body of the paper is a detailed description of the thesis statement. It also includes the research data and the results of research that explain the thesis statement of the paper. Body paragraphs of the paper are its main content. The evidence to support your thesis argument is also part of body paragraphs.
  • Try to have a logical relationship between the sentences in a paragraph. Also, try to make different points in separate paragraphs. Use transition sentences to have a better look.
  • The final step is to write a conclusion for your paper. Include a brief overview of your paper and how it can be useful in the future in the conclusion of the essay.