If you’re having issues with your circuit breaker, it can leave you frustrated and searching for answers about how to fix the problem. If you’re trying to figure out what’s causing it to trip, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you’ll find a list of common reasons that your circuit breaker isn’t functioning correctly and how to remedy it.

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1. Short-Circuiting

A short occurs when a wire that is black or hot comes in direct contact with a wire that isn’t hot or known as white. When these types of wires come in contact, the current that goes through the wires causes the circuit breaker to trip.

Another reason that you may have a short circuit issue can be because of the appliances that you’re using. If the short circuit is occurring in your appliance, you will need to replace it to remedy the issue.

If you’re uncertain where your shirt circuit issues are coming from, you’ll need to talk a professional and have them come in and look at it. Focus your search on qualified, experienced electricians like the ones you can find at Mister Sparky Electrical.

2. Overloaded Circuits

Another reason that you might have issues with your circuit board is an overloaded circuit. This happens when you’re trying to use more electricity than your circuit board can handle.

The primary sign that you may be having this issue is if your lights flicker when too many appliances are being used. If this happens continuously, you need to reevaluate the number of appliances you’ve got hooked up to one outlet. Reducing this load can often take care of the issue.

3. Fault with the Arc

An arc-fault works detects any possible issues before they turn into bigger issues that will cause you problems in the future. The correct term for this breaker is an arc-fault circuit interrupter.

And while it’s meant to be helpful, it doesn’t always do what it was installed to do. One of the reasons that this can cause an issue is because faults with the arc system can lead to shortages that can ignite a fire.

If you find that the breaker is tripping, then you may want to have someone take a look at the arc-fault breaker. In some instances, you’ll find that the breaker has some loose wires that need to be tightened before other issues arise.

Circuit Breaker Issues Explained


All of the circuit breaker issues listed above can be taken care of by tightening loose wires, and if you’re not up to handling the issue yourself, you can always hire someone to do it for you. We hope that the information you found was useful and what you were looking for.

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