The business environment in the last decade has become extremely competitive with many new startups started and winding up. The ever increasing competition in the business environment calls for the right kind of technology to gain a competitive edge over others. Having the right type of technology makes a huge difference for any business.

Every company whether big or small, well established or a startup needs to have a strong digital presence to survive and grow in today’s business environment. For the digital presence now it a must for every business to have its own mobile application and website through which the business seeks to grow its market. For this purpose business turn towards MEAN stack which is the leading pack in app development.

The name MEAN is an acronym that stands for the MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, and Node.js. All the four are all JavaScript-based open-source technologies. These technologies are free and therefore play a very important role in the development of compelling websites and web applications.

The use of a single langue i.e JavaScript makes it possible to develop apps easily and quickly by taking advantage of the powerful features available in each of the four different technologies.

Most of the current web and mobile applications are made using the MEAN stack. Many upcoming and existing business owners are turning to MEAN stack developers to develop dynamic web and mobile apps.

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The following are the benefits of using MEAN stack developing tools for business and app developers:

1. Easy to switch between client and server

The use of MEAN stack fro app development enables you to easily switch between the server-side and the client-side. Switching between the two sides is made possible because MEAN is fast, easy and uses a common language for coding.

When you are using Node.js, you won’t need any third-party standalone servers such as Apache or LAMP stack for deploying the app. The Node.js technology enables the full stack developers to directly deploy the apps to the server without using a standalone server. That’s the reason why most people refer to MEAN as fast and least complicated to use.

2.The quick development of MVP

MVP is the acronym for a minimum viable product. Minimum viable product refers to the product or in this case the web application which has all the basic and preliminary features. These are the most necessary features that the users are searching for in the product.

Usually, it takes a lot of time and trials to come up with an MVP. BUT the MEAN stack will help you to achieve the MVP as quickly as possible. This is due to its extremely fast and easy framework.

Being able to achieve MPV in a short span of time is very important for reducing the cost and market testing.

3. Highly flexible

The developers using the MEAN stack for app development enjoy a high level of flexibility. The flexible framework or MEAN stack allows for easy testing of the app on the cloud platform one the development process is completed.

All the processes right from the development of the app, testing it, and its introduction to the cloud are done The development, testing, and introduction into the cloud processes are done smoothly and in no time.

Any additional information or modification can also be incorporated directly into the app by simply adding an extra file. MongoDB is the technology responsible for this as it is specifically designed for the cloud and provides full cluster support.

4. Highly cost-effective

When you are developing an application, the cost is one of the important factors that you need to always keep in mind. Every app development requires a significant amount of funds and investment and if you find a solution that is cost-effective then it can work for the benefit of your business.

App development on other frameworks requires proficiency in a number of technologies like PHP, JavaScriptand MySQL, whereas Developers who work with the MEAN stack requires expertise only in JavaScript. This means that less number of developers will be required to work on a MEAN stack app development as compared to other frameworks. This will finally result in the reduction of the cost of building each application.

5. Allows you to do isomorphic coding

When it comes to mobile applications, there are two main platforms on which smartphones operate, they are Android and IOS. both these platforms have their own unique features and requirements when it comes to app development.

If you want to develop an app that works on both the platforms then you need to do two separate projects for each. But with the help of a MEAN stack app developer, you don’t have to work twice on the same app. Apps developed using MEAN stack are isomorphic. Isomorphic means that the apps can work on multiple platforms without changing or reworking on the base code.

Thus, the developer’s work is reduced to half and they can spend more time reviewing and enhancing the app. Hence, the MEAN stack very beneficial for businesses aiming to reach a wider set of audiences.  This single feature is what makes the MEAN stack very popular and economical.

6. Use of single programing language

MEAN stack makes use of technologies only based on JavaScript, which makes it easy for the developers as everything is on one language and they don’t need to have expertise in other technologies.

This makes it easy to use, quick, economical, and cost-effective.