The intention of the parents is the same no matter what if they are doing real-life parents and digital parenting to protect their children from all kinds of dangers. Just raising a child by providing them bread and butter are not enough these days. Now parents have to perform parenting and digital parenting at the same time. Let’s discuss that what the difference between parenting and digital parenting is?

What is parenting?

From the birth of the child and to the time he/she starts walking, talking and finally enable to go to school parenting is the only role that can put a child under surveillance to keep an eye the child activities. Moreover, parents start talking about life and hurdle their child could face and parents always to try to deal with all the dangers. All these actions that are suitable to grow a child happily lie under parenting. It means every action a parent does for the betterment of the child is called parenting. Parenting is very necessary for many reasons.

Once parents have a child and since the eyes are open in this world, parents have to feed a child, and till the time a child becomes adult parenting has its significance. Parents protect the child from all kinds of threats such as bullies, stalkers, sexual predators, drug abuse, bad habits and plenty of others alike. So, parents physically have to look after young kids and teens all day long till the time they wake early in the morning and to the time they sleep in the bedrooms. Moreover, there are four parenting styles that usually parents perform to grow up their children and teens.


You don’t take your child’s feelings into consideration.

In this type of parenting style, parents believe in rules and they tell their kids to follow the rules strictly. Parents want to know about their kids where they are and what they are doing the moment or they want to keep themselves updated about their children. Moreover, parents don’t consider their child opinion at all.


In this type of parenting, parents try to build and trust worth relationship with the children and parents set rules for them alongside the logic that makes kids follow easily. Moreover, parents also warn their children about the consequences, but also take children likes and dislikes into consideration.


Parents that used to follow this type of parenting style make rules, but don’t enforce it strictly and they just try to build fear in children hearts to follow the rules. So, parents don’t go for the punishment most of the time its children have gone against the rules. You just believe your child will get your point and will obey after the rules after you have given the consequences.


Parents that adopt this type of parenting style seem very careless about their children doing and even they give dame care about their school’s homework. They don’t realize where their kids are at the moment and what they are doing and don’t too much time with the kids.

What is digital parenting?

The contemporary technology in terms of cell phones, gadgets, computer laptop and desktop machines connected to the cyberspace is the root cause to perform digital parenting. Internet of things enables young kids and teens to engage with the nightmares that they used to face in real –life and there has been a chance parent can rescue them. Nowadays, young kids and teens are using cell phones and internet sitting in front of the parents and talking to cyber bullies, stalkers and sexual predators and got a trap and then secretly become agree to meet them in real –life and parents remain idle.


Moreover, teens online share their privacy and get involved in sexting, sharing sext in term of photos and videos and ultimately got the trap. Young kids and teens are obsessed with social media and bad habits they have adopted via cell phone and internet. Therefore, to counter all the evil forces present on the web parents have to use these days parental control app to listen and record the surrounds, record live calls, monitor messages and social media. All these types of monitoring activities are known as digital parenting.


Parenting is been an old wine, but digital parenting is the need of the hour that every parent should follow in order to provide their kids and teens safe environment online and as well as in real –life using cell phone parental monitoring app.