In this digital arena, SD Cards can be found in numberless devices whether it is a smartphone, digital camera, video player, iPod, iPad, iPhone or music player. These small chips are used to store various digital media like images, music files, videos, PPTX, PDF etc.

However, memory cards are highly prone to accidents and sometimes they might show defect for no reason and become inaccessible. Well, this is not an individuals’ problem, on the contrary several users encounter this issue on daily basis.

Hence, we have come up with this blog. Here, we are going to discuss some most common reasons for why memory card gets corrupted and knowing such causes can prevent your SD Card from being corrupted.

Since every memory Card gets designed with a unique formatting and number sequence.

Hence, when the memory card abruptly gets removed from the device or taking it out during the data transmission can corrupt its file structure.

In order to avoid the risk of disrupting the file structure, let the data transfer process gets completed successfully and then, properly eject the SD card from the plugged device.

Bad Sectors in Memory Card

Just like a hard disk drive, SD Cards are also inevitable to accumulate bad sectors or bad storage space. It makes memory card unable to save data anymore. In addition, overtimes it increases the number of bad blocks in memory cards and one day the card stops working permanently.

Wrong SD Card Formatting

There come times when users need to format their memory card in order to free up space or due to some other reasons.

But, if the formatting process becomes interrupted or something went wrong during this then, there are high chances that the internal structure of the memory card will get damaged badly. After this, recovering data becomes very complex.

SD card

Malware or Virus Infection

Presence of virus programs and malware in the plugged device also can infect an SD Card.

Sometimes, our smart phones automatically download malware and once the memory card comes in the contract with this malware, this makes it inaccessible and makes the data unreadable.

Manufacturing Defects

Today there are several brands that design memory cards and some of them sell them in a blazing cheap amount and some sell expensively. Well, the difference between pricing is difference between the quality.

The poor quality memory cards comprise several manufacturing defects thus, users should purchase SD Cards carefully.

Abrupt Power Surge while Operating

A sudden power surge while transferring files from memory card increases the chances of data loss. It is so because a power surge affects the synchronization among SD Card and system due to which data transfer process does not get completed and makes file inaccessible.

Other Reasons for SD Card Corruption

Interrupting a memory card while writing files from/ to it, removing SD card from the plugged devices without following proper procedure, changing the structure of card while shooting video, unstable voltage supply, rough touch to gold contacts on SD card etc., are some of the most common causes that can corrupt a SD Card badly.

So, improper handling of a memory card can damage it and you can lose all your precious data saved within it. Here, we have described some general factors that make an SD card inaccessible and corrupted.

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