Did you know that Americans took about 12 million road trips in August of 2020? That’s a 37.6% increase from the previous year.

One of the cities with the highest number of travelers was Dallas, Texas. There was an average of 234,597 daily road trips taken from this area in 2020.

In Raleigh, North Carolina there was an average of 56,460 road trips taken in 2020. In 2019 there were only 21,341 road trips out of the city.

If you’re thinking of taking a road trip, there are some road trip essentials for adults that you should know about. Keep reading to learn what they are.


1. Items for Your Car

While preparing for your road trip you might leave packing items for your car for the last minute but these are essential for a safe and successful road trip. First, you should make sure that you’re always carrying your updated license, registration, and a copy of your car insurance policy.

Don’t forget to have an extra pair of keys. A spare tire and jack are important too.

You should consider packing your own emergency kit as well. It should include jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, a flashlight, and a reflective vest if you need to work on your car in the dark.

2. You Need Snacks

You can’t head out on the road without packing a good supply of snacks. Your essential road trip snacks should include a mix of healthy and junk food cravings. Some for your sweet tooth and a few salty texas snacks too.

Healthy snacks can include carrots, celery, apples, and nuts. You can also pack some cookies and chips. Packing snacks will help you save money on the road.

3. The Right Water Bottle

You can pack plastic water bottles for your trip but that can cost more money and it’s harmful to the environment too. Invest in a good stainless steel water bottle. These bottles keep water cold for longer and you can refill them for free anywhere you find water fountains.

You should also pack a travel mug. These mugs will keep your coffee or tea warm for longer too. If you pack some instant coffee then you can stop to make coffee while on the road too.

4. Paper Goods

If you’ll be on the road for a long time then it’s important to pack some products including eco-friendly tissue paper, paper towels, and toilet paper. These are road trip essentials.

Paper towels can help you clean up any snacks spilled in the car and toilet paper is for that car occupant who can’t wait for the next rest stop.

Hand sanitizer is another important thing to bring with you on a road trip. This will keep everyone free of germs if there’s no soap and water available.

5. A Headphone Splitter

If you have multiple people in the car and they want to watch a movie or listen to a podcast together, having a headphone splitter will come in handy. This will help you stay concentrated on the road without the noisy distractions.

Once you get to your destination it’s good to know some helpful parking tips so you don’t waste hours looking for somewhere to park your car and you can take some time to rest.

6. Vitamin C Is a Must

For long road trips, changes in the weather and being in a car all day can affect your health. This is why it’s important to pack vitamin C, whether in tablet or powdered form.

Taking daily vitamins can support your immune system while you travel and prevent you from catching any illnesses. This is a good item to add to your road trip essentials list.

7. Car Freshener

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your car during a road trip so it’s important to keep it smelling fresh at all times. Pack something you can use to spray the seats and any items you have in the car.

There are sprays they sell specifically for your car. You can also purchase a car air freshener or essential oil diffuser so the car doesn’t catch any bad odors.

8. Entertainment for the Trip

If you’ll be driving during most of the road trip then there aren’t many forms of entertainment you can enjoy other than some good music or an audiobook. For everyone else, make sure you have some movies downloaded on your tablet or other devices.

You can also pack some cards to keep everyone entertained while on the road. You can bring a book of crossword or word search puzzles as well. These are all essential road trip items you can’t forget.

9. A Good Pillow

Road trips will typically go into the night hours so it’s a good idea to pack some quality pillows for everyone in the car.

Whether you stop to sleep at a rest stop, or your friends or family sleep while you drive, having a good pillow can help everyone get better rest during the journey. You can also bring a neck pillow to use while you drive if you’re feeling any tension or discomfort.

10. Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

When you’re making your list of things to bring on a road trip, you can’t forget to pack enough clothes and shoes. While your destination will determine what kind of clothes you need to pack, make sure that you have enough comfortable clothes for the drive.

Don’t forget to pack some slippers. You won’t need to wear your hiking boots or sneakers while driving.

Road Trip Essentials for Adults Everyone Should Know

When preparing for a road trip, there are some road trip essentials for adults you can’t forget to add to your pack. Comfortable clothes, entertainment, and snacks are essential for a successful trip.

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