Want to enjoy outdoor recreational activities like Hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and more with great camping gear that you trust? Invest in a survival knife, camping knife, and multitool kits because these are more than just a tool for hunting an animal or preparing food you can use them as survival axe. These tools offer a wide range of applications that can be quite helpful for bushcraft enthusiasts.

The basic idea behind a survival knife like Kershaw knives is to provide you with a sharp tool that you can use for cutting and skinning a prey. But you can do so much more with a quality survival knife.

Let’s go over some unique uses for a survival knife that help you make the most out of this tool.


  1. First-Aid

Survival knives can make the basic first-aid routine simpler for you. If you get injured during the adventure, you can use the knife to cut bandages and remove the splinters or other foreign objects from around the wound.

You can keep the surrounding of a wound clean using a survival knife. But you need to exercise caution when using a knife on a wound so that it doesn’t make things worse for you.

  1. Alternative for a Hammer

The butt end of the survival knife can be used as a hammer. When you have to strike an object that you know is not going to require a lot of power, you can do it with the butt of the knife instead of a hammer.

You need to get a durable knife if you intend on using it in the place of a hammer. Visit the www.bugoutbill.com/ to look for strong and durable survival knives to use as a hammer.

  1. Using as a Peg

If you don’t have a peg or a stake to use as an anchor or it is not in your immediate reach, you can drive the knife into the ground to hold the emergency shelter.

This offers you a fast way of setting up an emergency shelter when you don’t have enough time to do a proper job. The knife is going to stay in the ground to help protect you and your stuff from wild animals.

  1. Wood Batoning

You can use the survival knife for wood batoning. You can place the knife on a piece of wood that you want to cut and strike it with a mallet to cut the wood.

This process is commonly referred to as wood batoning. You can cut even pieces of wood in this way, with little force and effort.

  1. Building a Fire

You can use the survival knife to produce sparks through a bow drill to start a fire. If you don’t have any kind of tools for making a fire such as matches or flint strikers, survival knives can help you build the fire without much hassle.

Building a fire requires a lot of training and practice. You need to make sure that you have enough experience in it so that you can do it when the situation you to start the fire.

  1. Self-Defense

You can use the survival knife to hunt small game or even as a weapon to protect yourself against wild animals.

The wilderness can be deadly. You need to know how to protect yourself against animals in the wild. If you know how to use a survival knife for self-defense, it gives you an edge over the conditions.

  1. Digging

If you don’t have a shovel for digging a hole in the ground, you can use the tip of the survival knife to do the digging.

You can create a hole for starting the fire or disposing of waste using the survival knife. If you don’t want to carry a shovel around for digging a hole, you can take the survival knife with you and use it for digging a hole instead.

Final Words

The applications of survival knives are quite a lot when you think about it. These knives help you hunt as well as take care of many other tasks during the bushcraft adventure.

The applications that we have talked about here are just a few ones that you can use the survival knives for. Their usage is as limited as your imagination.

So, check out the unique uses for bushcraft knives that we have talked about here and if have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.