There are several visa pathways for those interested to migrate to Australia, whether one is applying for an independent or family visa. Today, more individuals prefer to work overseas, and eventually, they end up staying in that foreign country for good. A common pathway for these people is through an ENS Visa, where the applicant can get a permanent residency through employer sponsorship.

Three Ways Of Applying For a Visa

Under this employer sponsorship visa, one has three options to obtain it, the Temporary Residence Transition, Labour Agreement, or the Direct Entry. Naturally, applicants would opt for the faster route, which in this case, is the Direct Entry. However, this choice comes with detailed requirements.

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For the Labour Agreement option, this is only offered in particular cases. These involve special agreements that firms may engage in if they are in a particular place and are under the Designated Area Migration Agreement. Such an agreement will permit the companies to enter into specific concessions on a visa for workers who want to be employed temporarily- that is not typically offered. Thus, this option is inaccessible if the applicant doesn’t fit in those particular cases.

The third option for obtaining the employee-sponsored visa will have a much general eligibility requirement for the applicants. These points include possessing the visa for the temporary skilled staff or bridging visas A or B. They will also have to be nominated by the employer that they’ve worked for sponsorship and should be nominated in that same position.

Furthermore, the applicant will have to fulfil the necessary work experience and has a license to perform the job. Foreign workers from non-English speaking countries will need to comply with the English requisites while all applicants should pass the health and character requirements.

Employment Offer

Under the third pathway, Temporary Residence Transition, one should secure an official employment contract on hand before the approval for a visa for temporary skilled workers. There should be proofs like a series of updated contracts or salary realignment letters.

The employment offer must stick to the employment standards stipulated by the immigration, and should include the typical employee entitlements–superannuation and annual leave. Moreover, it should be a permanent position requiring the applicant and the employer that such an offer will go on for a minimum of two years. Should there be changes during the application process like termination of employment, the visa application will be ceased.

Salary Requirement

Another essential requirement is the salary grade of the applicant. They should be paid with a minimum rate as the locals do for that particular position and location. This is a crucial regulation so that locals will not abuse or take advantage of the foreign workers as well as not undersell the local labour.

Proof Of Operation

The company that will nominate the applicant for ENS Visa should prove that it is officially trading in the country. Firms that are based abroad will not have the right to sponsor an applicant. When the business has recently been approved as a sponsor, there is no need to present additional information. But if the firm has no approval yet, it will have to submit several required documents to confirm it’s operating in Australia.

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Authenticity Of The Role

Currently, immigration has been concerned about the legality of the worker-sponsored visa. So, the bureau has placed considerable effort into evaluating if the position is really needed for the business. They scrutinise the company, its nature, size, position level, and the necessity to employ the applicant.