While browsing online, we found a Frequent Flyer who decided to write down his/her experience about flying in the Summer of 2022 after COVID restrictions are lifted. Apparently, things have gone crazy with chaos over many airports and flight cancellations all over the place as rebound and revenge Travel have exceeded expectations, even by Travel Industry experts. We decided to share his/her testimony with our readers about traveling in Summer 2022 throughout the chaos in all airports.


Here is an Awesome Frequent Flyer’s tips about traveling in Summer 2022 throughout the chaos:

– You don’t want to spend cash
– Don’t get out of the hotel in Passport.. Keeping a picture on your mobile is enough
– Keep important documents in the hotel safe
– Not all tap water is for drinking
– It is important to know the customs of the country you are going to.. It is possible that a normal thing in your country will cause you a problem in another country
– When you enter the hotel room, do not lock the door until you are sure that the room is really empty
– Do not allow a stranger to enter the room unless he is working in the hotel
– Travel with light bags.. everything will be simpler
– Give each country its time..don’t visit 6 countries in a week
– When you are booking tickets, compare the price the day before and the day after.. it will often be cheaper
– Use a credit card .. not a debit card
– If you use the credit card and it asks if you want to pay in any currency.. choose the currency of the country you are in
– Before you travel, ask if your credit card provides lounge access
– No matter how nice the weather is, you should have a jacket in your bag
– Sleep well.. you will not enjoy a thing when you are tired
– Call your bank before traveling to increase your credit limit
– Pack your own bag YOURSELF!
– Check the flight times more than once
– If the place you are in offers free WiFi.. try not to enter your bank account details
– Take your medicines with you and have the prescription with you
– If you travel to Asia or Africa, do not forget to bring spray for the mosquitoes
– Buy a SIM card from the country you are in.. it’s always much cheaper
– Head to the airport as early as possible
– Enjoy the moment you are in the place you are visiting

That was a cool life experience from the Frequent Flyer who sharing tips about traveling in Summer 2022 throughout the chaos in all airports.

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