A unique, all-in-one, online travel booking platform, travelplanbooker.com, has officially launched. The one-of-a-kind platform provides you with all the tools needed to plan and book bespoke, complex, multi-destination trips with ease. Interactive maps with travel markers make planning intricate, personalised routes effortless.

Travelling is set to be high on the list of priorities in 2023. In fact, two-thirds of consumers intend to take a holiday abroad in the next 12 months. With Google searches of ‘interactive travel map’ rising by 54 per cent and searches of ‘multi destination holidays’ increasing by 46 per cent over the past year (Google Trends, statistics correct as of 11.11.2022)
, the launch of travelplanbooker.com will provide those looking to plan a trip to multiple locations with the tools needed to do so easily.

online travel booking platform

Designed to simplify travel planning, the platform is user-friendly, adaptable and enables you to book transportation, accommodation as well as rental cars and attractions, from a variety of suppliers, all in one place. You can also take advantage of the various travel guides for essential information such as health and safety, laws and etiquette as well as helpful tips and suggestions for local, must-see sights and attractions.

Travelplanbooker.com works with both low-cost and high-end providers, with real-time pricing, making it the ideal one-stop online travel agency for booking your dream trip within a set budget.

travelplanbooker.com is a family business inspired by the desire to arrange multi-destination trips comfortably and stress-free. Created to be with you every step of the way when planning a holiday, you can browse travelplanbooker.com’s trending trips for inspiration or customise your search if you already know exactly where you want to go. You can then book and pay for everything from transport to accommodation and excursions in one place, as well as refining your trip with travel insurance and assistance with visas.

Joshua Dunne, CEO, travelplanbooker.com, says: “Travel planning can be a time-consuming task. You can spend hours searching through numerous travel providers to then be overwhelmed with several booking confirmations and lose track of spend with multiple transactions. travelplanbooker.com eliminates these bugbears and is proud to be the first all-in-one, online travel planning and booking tool. What’s more, the platform offers flexibility for travellers to tailor-make the trip of their dreams.”

Key features and benefits of travelplanbooker.com:

• Online travel booking platform, which provides all the tools needed to plan and book bespoke, complex, multi-destination trips with ease
• Book transport (including flights, trains, buses and rental cars), accommodation, travel insurance, activities and excursions, from a variety of providers, all in one place
• Design the trip you have always dreamt of using the interactive travel map. Create your very own favourite attractions list and plan every detail
• Flexibility to adapt flight class options for each part of the trip
• Browse trending trips for inspiration
• Find destinations, national parks, attractions and heritage sites on the map with general information and the best ways to get there
• Essential travel guides provide further information such as health and safety, laws and etiquette, helpful tips, visa requirements and local sights
• Build your own multi-destination trip from scratch with the assurance that you only need to enter your data into one system. Or checkout in less than 10 clicks using a pre-planned trip template. Either way, you pay for all your travel needs in one transaction
• Compare prices and get the best deals from travelplanbooker.com’s partners, including Best Western, easyJet, Emirates, Hilton, ibis, JAL, Lufthansa, Marriott, Swiss, and Virgin Atlantic
• Partnered with AMEXCO, PayPal, Mastercard and VISA, for secure online payments

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