Galápagos Islands

If you are a lover of nature and adventure, you cannot miss the opportunity to explore the impressive Galápagos Islands, located in the Pacific Ocean. Discover what this wonderful tourist destination has to offer and how you can plan your ideal trip with the help of a travel agency.

If you are looking for tourist destinations to fully enjoy your next holiday, an unforgettable trip to the Galapagos Islands is a perfect alternative. The Galápagos Islands are one of the most impressive and popular places in the world, standing out for their extensive biodiversity and historical importance. It was not by chance that the famous scientist Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution in this place.

Every year, a countless number of tourists decide to venture to explore these incredible islands, located in Ecuador, where they can be surprised by the beautiful natural landscapes, its paradisiacal white sand beaches and extraordinary fauna. For this reason, you cannot fail to include the Galápagos Islands on your list of places to visit.

Travel agencies in the Galápagos Islands

Having the help of a specialised travel agency when visiting the Galápagos Islands can make a big difference in your tourist experience. These agencies are specifically dedicated to planning all the logistical details of your trip to ensure that you fully enjoy your visit to this natural paradise.

One of the main benefits of hiring the services of a travel agency specialised in the Galápagos Islands is that they offer completely individualised guides based on your preferences. This way, you can count on the support of professionals who are perfectly informed about the islands, providing you with detailed information about each of them and helping you select the best activities and destinations for you.

Expedition Ecuador Travel Agency is an excellent option to consider while planning an unforgettable trip to the Galápagos Islands. With its years of experience and its firm commitment to environmental conservation, this agency stands out for providing personalised and complete experiences. Their team of expert guides accompanies you every step of the way, ensuring that you make the most of your visit to this paradise on earth. At the same time, they provide numerous tour and package options tailored to your needs, interests, and budget.

Best places to visit

When visiting the Galápagos Islands, you will be able to find many different landscapes and activities to enjoy and experience. Each of the islands in the archipelago has a unique charm and impressive attractions. Some of the most notable ones that you can visit are the following:

  • Santa Cruz Island: This island is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Galápagos Islands. In this area is the Charles Darwin Scientific Station, where research is carried out and the endemic species of the islands are conserved. Likewise, in this place you can see the famous giant turtles in their natural habitat and, at the same time, enjoy the beautiful beaches of the island and observe a great diversity of seabirds.
  • Isabela Island: This island is the largest of the archipelago and offers stunning landscapes that include active volcanoes, pristine beaches, mangroves and colourful lagoons. One of the biggest tourist attractions in Isabela thanks to the unique experience it offers to explorers is the popular lava tunnel, a volcanic tube created from solidified lava.
  • Bartholomew Island: This small volcanic island stands out mainly for its landscapes full of surrealism and its emblematic black rock pinnacle raised above the sea. From the highest part of Bartholomew, it is possible to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding islands and the famous lava arch. Likewise, its white sand beaches and turquoise waters are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and discovering the rich marine biodiversity