Traveling around the world is not the only adventure that also helped to make a connection with different customs and traditions. People are very passionate about exploring exotic cultures in the world to broaden their vision. Some people love to travel and explore.

Travelling is such an addiction, leaving behind your comfort zone, pushing your limits, and diversifies your viewpoint. In any case, the most addictive and excellent thing about venturing out has the option to find out about and experience new societies and cultures.
Some of them have caught the world’s creative mind in movies and books, while others are secretive and totally disengaged from the up-to-date world.

Is it safe to say that you were interested in finding the various societies on the planet? In this way, look at following a few propensities that may astound the individuals who are not somewhat acclimated. But with all that’s happening around us in 2020 (or not happening at all), you might want to get a different exotic vibe for this year travels.

Indian Culture

Indian culture is exceptionally different and extraordinary. Did we ever think why certain things in India are done in a particular manner?

india culture

Indian culture is a bundle of exceptional traditions and customs, which many people find captivating.

1. Rabari Culture

The Rabari, called the Rewari or Desai, culture of cows and camel that live all through northwest India, essentially in the states of Gujarat, Punjab, and Rajasthan. They are famous for their finest embroidery art, gem work, and distinct tattoo art.


For a long time, the ladies have embellished their bodies with enchanted images that are viewed as both embellishing and religious. The men routinely wear white dhoti with a short twofold waistcoat with long sleeves and a white turban.

On merry events, they wear red turbans adorned with ‘Gota’ work. The men wear the ‘Murki’ in their ears and furthermore the ‘Jhela’.

2. Tune in To the Manganiyars On the Sand Dunes


Hindustani old-style music with a customary folk beat has another degree of astonishment. Manganiyar, a Rajasthani community in India, has set a musical ability from age to age.
Some of the simplest and rustic instruments used are Sarangi, kamaicha, and khartaal, but a long period of training and inborn ability is required to play them.

3. Theemithi


Theemithi is a fire walking ceremony of Indian culture performed a week before the Diwali festival. To bear witness to their dedication and confidence in God, many lovers actually ‘stroll’ through a stretch of consuming coal with uncovered feet. It is said that if the individual’s belief is solid, they won’t burn. While initially a custom indigenous to Tamil Nadu, it has spread to a few nations with pre-pioneer and frontier.

4. Nag Panchami

This celebration of Indians is committed to snakes. In different nations, snakes are considered as the deadliest creature on the planet. However, in India, snakes are viewed as God or Goddess, extraordinarily the king cobra.


This festival is known as Nag Panchami, and they feed snakes with milk and rats. Nag Panchami is commended on the fifth of Shravan (Between August and September). It is their conviction that snakes won’t bite them on this day.

Kenya Culture

You can’t really say exotic and not visit Africa. The nativity and youthfulness bring an exotic rush of Adrenaline to everyone. And one can not visit Africa without traveling to Kenya, the country that has it all.

1. Languages

Kenya is a multilingual country with almost 62 languages spoken throughout. But officials are English and Sawahili. Most of them are African tribal languages, including Middle-Eastern and Asian languages.


These 3 languages come from different families like Bantu (Language of Center and Southeast), Nilotic (West) and Cushitic (Northeast).

2. Etiquette and Customs

Kenyans are active and incline toward that each experience begins with warm welcome. It is viewed as acceptable habits for guests to mutter at any rate a welcome in the nearby language. Alternatively, guests can utilize Jambo, the Swahili welcome that freely means “Hello”. Hissing may seem inconsiderate in different societies, yet it is an impeccably adequate type of getting an outsider’s attention.

kenya jambo

When reacting to questions, consistently keep away from level out ‘no’ reactions, as most networks consider these rude. Rather, expound on your answer and, when posing inquiries, abstain from stating the questions in the negative.

3. Music

Kenya is home to a different scope of music styles, going from imported mainstream music, afro-combination, and benga music to customary people melodies. Two subgenres have developed: “Genge” and “Kapuka” beats.

Kenya music

This has upset mainstream Kenyan music and made an industry commanded by the young. There is an incredible relationship between the individuals who tune in to rap music and their practical status in the nation with most of them originating from wealthy backgrounds. Since hip-hop is depicted through apparel, magazines, and CDs, which are all costly, just the wealthier people can appreciate these extravagances.

4. Safaris


The most popular of Africa’s safari destinations is in Kenya followed by Zimbabwe safari. The country holds the Masai Mara National Park, renowned for its abundant wildlife and annual Great Migration. It is a country filled with adventure, excitement, adrenaline rush, thrill and finally romance romance – nothing says “classic safari” quite like a Kenyan safari.

Kenya Visa

Before traveling to Kenya, spend your time in extensive research in which you have to identify your place to stay, tax, health insurance, and much more. You have to get an appropriate visa in advance, depending upon your length of stay.

The Stress-Free Guide about Working Holiday Visa 462

Documents needed for visa application:

• Official application form
• Passport validity with at least six months
• Passport size photographs
• Booking Confirmation
• For a longer stay, you may need a work permit or residence.
• Proper health insurance as most of the regions in Kenya are malaria zones and it is better for travelers to get prophylaxis and important vaccines.

India Visa

If you want to explore exotic places from India, then you can apply online for a visa to India as well as need to submit an application with all required documents.

Process your application in the Indian visa application center and get your passport.
Lastly, enjoy some traditional things in India with independence.