Hampta Pass and Chandratal Lake is a chilly adventure in the Himalayas. This trek is a beautiful place to visit in Himachal Himalayas for adventure and snow lovers. Hampta Pass trek invites not only experienced trekkers but also beginners. You will experience nature at its best. It is one of the popular treks in India. A walk into the Himalayas is a desire of every trekker. The splendid vistas of the Himalayas and lush greenery will leave you breathless!


Hampta Pass offers great Himalayan vistas, from valleys, mountains to meadows, and waterfalls. Hampta Pass is at an elevation of 4,268 meters on the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas. It is a small corridor between Lahaul Chandra’s valley and the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh. You will see a variety of wildflowers and herbs. This pass is usually used by Shepherds of the lower Himalayan region. Hampta Pass is considered as an easy to moderate trek.

Chandratal Lake

Chandra Tal (‘the lake of the moon’) is located at a height of 4,270 meters in the Himalayas. The lake is a popular trekking and camping destination, attracting a lot of travelers, backpackers, and adventure lovers every year. The lake is one of the crescent-shaped lake located in the Spiti Valley on the Samudra Tapu Plateau. Chandratal Lake offers rambling landscapes at different altitudes. The lake is surrounded by a vast meadow which is carpeted with different varieties of Wildflowers. The lake solicits the mind of travelers with the amazing beauty of nature and wildlife.

Hampta Pass Himalayas

About the Trek ( Hampta Pass and Chandratal lake)

The Hampta Pass trek starts from Manali. The adventure trail from Manali to Hampta Pass is an enthralling one passes through lush green meadows and valleys. Further, the trek moves to Chikka, which is at an altitude of 3,100 meters. Chikka campsite is one of the most beautiful campsite during the trek. You will see some ravishing natural sceneries, tall pine trees, and Himalayan Peaks accompanied you during the trek. From Chikka the trek moves to Balu ka Ghera campsite. The terrain is rich in flora and fauna all surrounded by beautiful pink and yellow wildflowers and river flowing alongside. The next stop will be at Shea Goru, third campsite offering great views of tall oak and pine trees, and spectacular views of the valley. From Shea Goru the trail starts to ascend towards Hampta Pass. The most scenic views, full of flora and fauna, vertical rock formations, waterfalls, pinewoods, tiny lakes, lush meadows, and vistas of Himalayan Peaks. The trek will lead towards the moon lake seated at 14,000ft the lake is a sight to behold. Trekkers can enjoy the greenery in the backdrop, crystal clear turquoise blue water and soothing calm around the lake.

Feel the fresh air, chilly breezes, and astounding vistas of the Indrasan, and Deo Tibba.

Beginners who are physically fit can undertake this adventure. Hampta Pass is an easy yet moderate trek that offers great views of nature. Hampta Pass is a perfect trekking destination in the Himalayas that offers endless opportunities to explore and best campsites.

Best Time To Visit!

The best time to do trek Hampta Pass Chandratal Lake is from July to October. The temperature during the day varies 12 degrees and 20-degree celsius. In mid-September and October, the place receives snowfall. The temperature drop down to negatives in this season. The Spiti and Kullu valley receives heavy rainfall in monsoons.

How to Reach

Manali is very well connected to major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Haridwar, Ambala,  Shimla, Dharamshala, etc. You will easily get a direct bus from Delhi and other major cities to Manali.

The nearest airport is the Bhuntar Airport which is 50 km from Manali, you will easily find a cab or bus to Manali.

Joginder Nagar Railway station is the nearest railhead 166 km from Manali.

Some Travel Tips for Trekkers:

– Hampta Pass Chandratal lake is an adventure of 5-6 days, so pack your bag accordingly. Woolen clothes and other essential items.
– Always carry a water bottle and eatables like chocolates, energy bars, cookies, etc.
– Follow instructions of your trek leader
– Do not wander alone
– Inform your family in prior advance because the network connectivity is very poor in the mountains.
– Keep your ID proofs and other necessary permits with you
– Always carry minimum cash
– Take adequate breaks during the trek and keep yourself hydrated.
– Do not litter
– Do not harm animals and natural property
– Exercise daily prior to the trek and keep yourself fit and fine.
– Carry a personal medical kit

Hampta Pass trek is one of the beautiful and adventurous treks in the Himalayas. You will experience camping, trekking, and exploring. Also, you have an option to explore Manali.

Mountains and scenic valleys are calling you. Plan your next adventure trek to Hampta Pass.

Live. Travel. Explore!!

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