London is a beautiful destination, and when you’re on a mission to explore, you also need the perfect place to rest. When you’re planning your London trip, don’t forget to choose the perfect accommodation for you as well.

If you lack an idea on how to choose a good hotel or home for your trip, visiting websites like can be helpful. These websites can help you get a general idea of the kind of hotels in the city and allow you to start narrowing down your potential hotels. Here’s are a few tips on how you can book your perfect London stay:

Decide on a Budget

Before you even begin the process of planning your vacation, it is important to decide on a budget. London isn’t the cheapest place to stay in, so having a budget can guide you through planning a pocket-friendly trip and  help avoid your expenses exceeding the limit.

When you decide on a budget, you can toggle the filter on whatever website you’re using to ensure that you only see packages and rooms within your budget. Keep in mind, sometimes higher prices for hotels can also denote complimentary services like a breakfast buffet.


Determine Potential Locations

Depending on whether you’re in London for work or pleasure, the type of location you might want to stay in can differ. If you’re on a tight budget, looking at neighbourhoods like King’s Cross can be ideal. Not only is it close to many public transport stations, but you can also find a lot of hip restaurants in the area.

If you’re confused about how to find hotels in a specific neighbourhood, simply use a website like to make it easier for you. You can find various hotels in any neighbourhood by simply typing in the location.

Find and Compare Hotels

Once you’ve figured out which neighbourhood you want to stay in, it’s time to start comparing prices with other hotels to get the best deals. When you’ve compiled a list of hotels that look pleasing to you, you can start comparing them based on:

– Price
– Location
– View offered
– Extra services like a spa, restaurant, bar, etc.
– Any special deals or discounts available
– Type of rooms available


If you’re not travelling alone, keep in mind that not all hotels accommodate couples or families. You might have to check whether the hotel you’re considering has provision to accommodate more than one guest in a room or if it is pet-friendly, depending on your requirement.


Check for Amenities

No matter what hotel you’re looking at, it should have some basic amenities available like:

– Toiletries
– WIFI service
– Phone service
– Gym
– Laundry
– Kitchen Services


If you can’t find the information listed anywhere, it’s best to call the hotel directly.


Read Reviews

The hospitality business is all about pleasing the customers. Whichever hotel you’re planning on staying in is bound to have plenty of customer reviews to read from. Reading these reviews can help you decide whether the service and rooms available are worth the money.

You might also find out about hidden charges or other hidden details that are not readily available on the hotel website. It’s best to look through forums or conduct a quick search on the hotel before you decide to book it.

If you see a number of bad reviews about a particular hotel, it’s best to continue your search with a better track record with its guests to ensure you are not faced with any unpleasant circumstances and experiences. By keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can make sure your London trip goes without a hitch.