Clearwater Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Florida. It’s known for its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush vegetation. The area is also home to a variety of wildlife, including dolphins, turtles, and fish.

In this article, we’ll talk about why Clearwater Beach is popular among vacationers and what fun activities you can do there. Let’s dive right in!

Why is Clearwater Beach considered one of the most beautiful places in Florida?

One of the reasons is because of its white sand beaches. The sand is so white that it looks like sugar, and the water is so clear that you can see all the way to the bottom. The vegetation is also very lush, and there are a variety of trees and plants that provide shade and beauty.

Another reason why Clearwater Beach is considered one of the most beautiful places in Florida is because of its crystal-clear waters. You can see all sorts of fish swimming around, as well as turtles and dolphins. The water is so clear that it’s like swimming in a pool.

Clearwater Beach

Moreover, there’s no charge to enjoy the beauty of Clearwater Beach. However, if you want to swim in crystal-clear waters or go snorkeling, you will need to purchase a pass.

A day pass costs $9 for adults and $6 for children ages 3-12. Seniors (62+) and military personnel with ID can get a discount. An annual pass costs $45 for adults and $30 for children ages 3-12. This is a great deal if you plan on visiting Clearwater Beach multiple times throughout the year.

Fun Activities to do in Clearwater

Clearwater offers a ton of fun and excitement, whether you’re a group of friends, family, or just a lone person trying to have fun. Try the following activities:

Go to the Beach

This one is a no-brainer. Clearwater Beach has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Florida. The water is also crystal clear, so you can see all sorts of fish swimming around. You can also find turtles and dolphins if you’re lucky.

Take a Tiki Boat Clearwater Tour

If you want to get out on the water, then consider taking a tiki boat Clearwater tour. You can tour the area by boat, see all the sights, and even go fishing if you want.

Go Snorkeling

If you want to get up close and personal with the fish, then snorkeling is definitely for you. You can purchase a day pass for $9, which gives you access to all of the snorkeling gear you need.

Explore the Boardwalk

The boardwalk is a great place to take a walk, go for a run, or just people-watch. There are also a bunch of shops and restaurants, so you can grab a bite to eat or do some shopping.

Check Out the Wildlife

There is a variety of wildlife to see in Clearwater Beach. You can find all sorts of birds, as well as turtles and dolphins.

Rent a Jet Ski

If you’re feeling adventurous, then renting a jet ski is definitely for you. You can zip around the water and even go tubing if you want.

Play Volleyball

Volleyball is a great way to have some fun in the sun. There are plenty of courts available, so you can join in on a game or start your own.


One of the best things about Clearwater Beach is that there’s plenty of sunshine year-round. So, if you want to work on your tan, this is the place to do it.

Have a Picnic

The picnic areas are the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family. You can also bring along some games to play.


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