What’s not to love about Miami; this Florida nestled gem is a brimming hub of culture, art, entertainment, historic sites, and tasty Latin American/Caribbean cuisines. Of course, that’s not all; one has to appreciate the year-round subtropical warmth and animal life that endorses Miami as one of the top ten holiday destinations in the United States. With a little bit of everything to offer, Miami makes the perfect getaway for families looking to explore and soak in a lifetime’s worth of memories. Besides, we’re almost halfway through the year, and the biggest highlight we have to show is what? Days spent behind our work desks and draining school drop-offs? A luxury treat to Miami is just the thing to blow some of that steam off.

Five tips to planning a luxurious family getaway to Miami

Domestic destinations can make quite the impression when it comes to luxurious getaways, and the best part- your pockets won’t hurt as bad as they would after a week in Bali. Miami, for one, is a great spot to treat your tribe to sun-filled goodtimes and indulgence; all you’d need is a suitcase big enough for the souvenirs, some sunscreen, and a pretty pair of sunglasses. We break down all five simple steps to planning a luxury family getaway to Miami below.


Splurge on accommodations

Look up available accommodation facilities starting with top-tier hotels and prestigious miami vacation apartment rentals. Depending on your family needs, anything between a luxury hotel suite and a villa could work; ideally, smaller family units can comfortably fit in hotel suites, whereas groups of four or more are better off booking spacious rentals. You’ll also want to factor in how many family members you’re bringing with you, their needs, and the facilities they might need. For instance, if the kids can’t wait to throw on their swimsuits, you’re better off finding a stay with a pool facility. We also suggest choosing accommodations close to your areas of interest for convenience. Don’t forget the ambiance either! Seafront properties will always be a win.

Travel in style

We’ll break this down into two parts- getting there and getting around. How will you guys be getting to Miami? Will you be flying first class, cruising, or taking a private jet? Figuring out these details earlier on will save you a lot of headaches and disappointments. You’ll also want to consider how you’ll be getting around Miami; say, how do you plan to visit all those exciting places on your travel itinerary? Check with the appropriate travel companies and get to booking; if the sound of a chauffeured Limo ride to SoundScape park or a yacht to Coral Gables sure sounds like a holiday highlight, you don’t want to miss out on then you’re in for a treat.

Tip- rent a luxury car for convenience.

Excursions and entertainment

Take it all in, from the street art to the National Parks and the rich film and music culture; you’ll be surprised by how much Miami has to offer. Ensure you do your research and create an inclusive travel itinerary. Our personal favorites are the can’t-miss excursions to Wynwood District and a visit to the Samburu Giraffe Feeding Station. We suggest kickstarting your day with activities that the whole family can participate in before diverging to more personalized experiences like a spa date for the girls and Miami Heat basketball games for the guy. Consider winding your days down with family mealtime and entertainment, say a live band performance at dinner by the beach?

Indulge in delicacies

Your getaway is never complete without a taste of the local cuisine. Miami is admittedly very popular for its diversity in cultures which transcends well into their food and flavors. Hit up all the famous food spots from the Calle Ocho to 1-800-LUCKY and Versailles for the full-on Miami experience. You could also ask the locals for some food joint suggestions to treat yourself to Asian and Caribbean-inspired delicacies. If you’re staying at a villa or an Air BnB with an in-house chef, check with them and ask them to prepare some of their favorite Miami-inspired menus for you and your family to sit back and enjoy some quality time together. Disclaimer: Brace yourself for some Instagram-ready meals and spaces.

Additional considerations

Like every other trip, your Miami vacation will need you to make extra considerations. Check out your family’s health and safety priorities before boarding that flight, ensure you have the required vaccinations, and your accommodation is up to par with the health guidelines. Please consider any family members with mobility issues when booking your accommodations; is there parking for disabled people, do they have ramps installed, et cetera. Finally, check for restrictions on smoking, pets, and children for a smooth vacation experience.

Wrapping up

For most people, luxury miami getaways are synonymous with A-list-owned private jets, foreign islands, and insane hotel bills, which might sound unrealistic for average pay. Perhaps it’s time to deconstruct that stereotype. Luxury travel isn’t just reserved for celebrities and multi-millionaires; people working regular jobs can also pull off a luxe vacation. Sure, we have to be smart with our money, but occasional luxury treatment is well-deserved considering how hard we work. So quit putting things off and charter that yacht, go for that private wine tasting, and pamper your kids to a luxury-filled week in Miami because what is it all worth if you can’t spend it on the people you love? Someone once said, work hard, play harder, and we couldn’t agree more.