Abha is not just famous as it is the capital city of the Aseer Province. But also it is the highest city in the entire Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. At a height of around 2200 meters, the people here enjoy a milder climate across the year.

But it is not just the climate of the place that makes this place so special. There are also other reasons. If you are planning for a vacation lately, Abha can be surely one of the destinations for you. Check for the flights to Abha prices​ and book your tickets early to have an enjoyable and different trip this time.


Make Memories at the Abha Lake Dam:

No doubt, the lake dam at Abha is one of the most beautiful elements to enjoy while you are in Abha. You can ​book hotels in Abha with Almosafer ​ nearby this dam to get the best scenes whenever you wish to. Also, you can book a resort near the dam to enjoy a luxurious stay in the midst of nature and the beautiful environment.

Explore the Hanging Village:

When you hear about the term hanging village, it automatically creates a curiosity to see it, isn’t it? This is a village created halfway on the cliff and is a worth viewing scene. As per a common belief, Ottomans first lived here but later on, the local people took away this area. You can have a view of this place in a much better way through the cable rides here.

The Green Mountain:


Jebel Al-Akhtar or better known as the Green Mountain is another great place if you are a peace lover. This serene green hill is at a height and you can have a view of the entire city from this place. If you wish to spend some lonely time with nature, this can be the best location for you.

Go Hiking:

If hiking is something that you enjoy, then you can come across several locations and options here for your hobby. You can choose from different options such as Al Jarrah, Dalafan, and many other terrains in the Asir National Park.

Explore Shada Palace:

If you are in Abha, you have the rights to get stunned by the mesmerizing architecture of Saudia Arabia. Shada Palace is the exact place that can let you know the architectural masterminds that lived here a few years ago. Though this place has turned into ruins, it has been preserved and has been turned into a centre of attraction of Abha.

Know the History:

Abha can tell you a lot of historic stories of Saudia Arabia. You can visit the different museums here such as Aseer Regional Museum, and Al-Muftaha Museum to have detailed knowledge about the history of this place.

If you have been thinking lately to spend some time amidst nature, Abha can be one of the destinations on your list. If you wish to have a vacation this time that is different from all your holiday visits, you can definitely make some cherishable memories with your visit to Abha.