Angélica and Samuel, a Colombian-French couple, are the creators of the travel blog The blog is packed with travel tips (unusual destinations, favorites), practical advice on the spot, as well as photos and videos.

Meet a dynamic, passionate and innovative couple.

Why did you set out to create a travel blog?


Our idea is to help change the image of Colombia and present the country in its most positive light. The idea had been in the back of our minds for a few years, and then one day we just took the plunge.

Sometimes you just have to say, “Let’s do it and see what happens”. Having said that, we prepared the blog’s launch very carefully to make sure we had every chance on our side.

What are the main themes of your posts and how do you approach them?

As the name suggests, the blog’s theme is “Colombia and how to travel the country“. All our posts focus either on the practical aspects of travel or on the destinations to be discovered, with the aim of inspiring people and share our experience and our tips.

Do you have any specific partnerships or collaborators?

Yes, we have established partnerships with various travel agencies and guides in the Colombian tourism industry.

One of the goals of our blog is to support small local agencies that practice responsible or community-based tourism.

Do you consider yourself an influencer?


Since our blog is one of the only website specializing in travel to Colombia, we’ve quickly established ourselves as a reference site, and traffic has been growing steadily in our different platforms (we have a frenchn spanish and english version of our travel blog)

Every day, with the many messages we receive, we realize that our advice is listened to. Does that make us influencers? In any case, we know that we have a responsibility, perhaps to help people discover places they’d never have thought of going to, and to have an impact locally on tourism by increasing the number of visitors to certain sites.

These are important issues that we think about on a daily basis, and that’s why we’re always tending a little more towards highlighting local initiatives linked to responsible tourism.

The impact of tourism on the environment is considerable, and in a country where everything remains to be done in this area, we hope to contribute to a different way of visiting Colombia, one that is more respectful of the people and nature.

What future do you see for your blog and your business?

A bright future!

We can see that Colombia is becoming a trendy destination, and we can also see our community of readers growing by leaps and bounds. How far will it go? We have no idea, but for the moment, reality has exceeded our expectations.

As mentioned above, we’re going to take things a step further and try to develop the possibilities offered by this platform to the maximum, and then we’ll see where it takes us!