Cherry blossoms, azaleas, roses, poppies, lotuses: In spring, even the exotic flowers bloom all over Russia. Let us tell you where to go to see those beautiful and colorful, but first don’t forget get your visa to Russia.

Altai Mountains: Rhododendron


Every spring, the blooming of rhododendrons in Altai marks the beginning of the tourist season. This shrub called “Azalea” will “sprinkle” the coquettish pink purple throughout the foothills at the end of April and early May. Every year, during the two-week flowering period, more and more tourists come in.

Rhododendron is a unique species, it is a low shrub with pink and purple flowers. In Russian folks, they are called “Lantha tea” or “Duxiang”. When they bloom, they turn the Altai Mountains into a strong “purple mist”.

On April 29, 2018, in the “Sapphire Cartoon River” (Biryuzovaya Katun) tourism complex, the “Azalea Flower Viewing Party” was held for tourists who came to see the Altai Mountains in Russia shrouded in the “purple mist”.

The organizer will pick up tourists from Novosibirsk, Barnaul and Bisk, and arrange special visits and excursions. The plan includes a walk in Tuvdinsky Cave.

It is said that Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak, the commander-in-chief of the Russian Imperial Navy and polar explorer, came here many years ago. He thinks this cave is a suitable place to hide his famous treasure.

Even if visitors “can’t find coins”, they can still enjoy the treasures bestowed by nature in this maze of caves, on the banks of the Katong River, against the blooming azaleas.

Astrakhan: Poppy


Every spring, the “Red Sea” appears in Astrakhan: wild poppies bloom in semi-desert areas. The red storm led by Astrakhan in the past few weeks will give tourists an unparalleled impression.

In southern Russia, this poppy is considered a vicious weed. But in those undisturbed places, bright red buds will bloom, and you can enjoy incredible picturesque scenery in spring. However, “good times will not last”: poppies are affected by the wind, and red waves will gradually “spread out” along the open grassland.

Wild poppies grow in hard-to-reach places, so it is best to go there with a guide. The most beautiful place in Astrakhan is the Narimanovsky District (Narimanovsky District) and the slopes of Bol’shoye Bogdo, it looks like a place in Baskunchak A huge strange animal resting on the shore of Lake Baskunchak.

In spring, the hillside is “filled” with large patches of bright red. Do not tear the petals. If you do this, the poppy will wither after half an hour.

Crimea: Tea Rose


Every year from the end of May to mid-June, during the three-week, fragrant flowering period, the “Tea Rose” festival is held under the Chatyr-Dah in Crimea.

During this time, please take a walk along the majestic Demerji Mountain (Demerji Mountain) and the Babgan Mountain with the spacious Kebis Pass.

Through this pass, there is a line extending from Alushta. The road leads to the Crimea Nature Reserve.

During the festival, visitors will be guided along the mountain to visit and tour. During this period, they can participate in the activity of collecting rose petals and learn about the subtleties of essential oil production.

All of this is to be able to breathe in the fragrance of blooming roses! Here you can also learn to make rose paste and use Crimean herbs to make medicinal wine.

However, in Crimea, in addition to the Chatel Mountains, there are many places where you can see the enchanting landscape of blooming flowers. You can enjoy the fragrance of flowers in both Nikitsky Botanical Garden and Yalta!

Cuban: Lotus


The lotus-the sacred flower of the East in Russia, relatively recently-only appeared in Krasnodarskiy krayin the middle of the 20th century. At first, botanists planted it in the estuary, and later it grew and became one of the attractions of the area.

To see the lotus in full bloom, you must come at this time from the end of June to the beginning of July. The best place to see flowers is in Belozersk, which is about 20 kilometers away from Krasnodar.

There is a lake next to the town, where you can admire all kinds of unusual flowers.

Moscow: Cherry Blossoms


There are four places to enjoy cherry blossoms in the capital. They are: the Japanese garden in the main botanical garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in the “BiryulevskiyDendropark” park, the “Aptekarskiy ogorod” botanical garden in the Moscow University, or in the “Sparrow Hills” (Sparrow Hills).

It is also possible next to the main building of Moscow University. The most important thing is to choose the right time: cherry blossoms bloom in early April and mid-May, everything depends on the weather.

Our suggestion is to go to the “Japanese Garden”. There, you can not only enjoy the fragrance of blooming flowers, but also learn about the tradition of Japanese park area design. There are about 250 cherry trees planted here, but only 40 are blooming.

50 cherry trees were planted on the boulevard next to the main building of Moscow University. These cherry trees are varieties from the Kuril Islands-a gift from Tokyo.